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Little luxuries: the power of the ocean lightens and brightens in La Mer’s latest launch

by angelinavc

It’s a beauty icon: and once you try Crème de la Mer, there’s no going back to lesser moisturisers. It’s like flying First Class or staying in an exquisite hotel room, everything else just seems, at best, mediocre after you’ve been spoilt. I know this because years ago, for the first time, I was lucky enough to be given a coveted pot of the white stuff. There it was in its solid green box, an opaque white tub filled to the brim with unctuous goodness. It whispered luxury, rather than shouted it (love), and, yes, to coin a phrase, I was sold at ‘hello’. So much, so, that I didn’t want the moisturiser to run out any time soon, so I only used a tiny amount each day and made it last for eons. Ever since, it has been my go-to for when my skin feels like it needs that extra pampering. It’s not cheap, so this really is an investment buy, but one which is worth it.

The legendary original Crème de la Mer was inspired by the ocean. Dr. Huber, the founder, believed the sea was a miraculous resource and made sea kelp, with its endless ability to regenerate itself, the brand’s hero ingredient. He created the beauty brand’s trademarked and famous Miracle Broth. Made over 3-4 months, sea kelp was first hand-harvested and fermented with pure ingredients until the nutrient-rich Broth was formed.

It lies at the heart of every La Mer product, including the new Moisturising Cool Gel Cream. While I LOVE the original, with its thick texture that you warm in your hands and infuse into your skin for firmer, glowing skin, this newer, lighter version has become my new summer must-have.

First of all, it is super refreshing – skin feels vibrant and healthy and secondly, it is great for hotter climates – so perfect for me when I have my travel ‘hat’ on. As with the original, it has those special skin-renewing powers from the Miracle Broth, so the complexion feels drenched in moisture and soothed after using even a tiny amount. It leaves skin satiny and smooth, plus a little goes a long way – so I am happy!




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