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Eyes wide open: Korres’ Black Pine super serums

by angelinavc

These super-serums for the face and eyes are like a turbo-charge for the skin. Korres’ Black Pine 3D eye and face serums target the skin’s elastin, which is responsible for the skin’s elasticity, to naturally resculpt and lift the face. In other words, these are the products to buy if you want to keep lifted, youthful and fabulous-looking.

I’ve been dotting the Black Pine 3D Super Eye Serum, £45, around the sensitive eye area. This is the first place that ageing shows and this velvety serum works to lift the eyelids and to get rid of signs of fatigue (even after a few hours sleep, it seems to miraculously erase that ‘should have gone to bed earlier’ look). I love the dosage-control pen, which you use to ‘click out’ the perfect amount. Dark circles, sagging and wrinkles are reduced and skin is left plump and awake.

Meanwhile, the honey-like Black Pine 3D Face Serum, £39, is wonderfully light on the skin, so perfect for warmer months, and is my first port of call every morning. Press gently into a clean face and the mega-cocktail of goodness penetrates the skin, with its high concentration of natural ingredients, to lift, firm and promote skin’s elasticity and overall makes you feel super-awake.

The Black Pine 3D collection of products has, at their heart, the innovative ElastiLift-3D™ complex, which was a major scientific breakthrough for the Greek brand. Here’s the science bit: a study by the National Centre for Scientific Research of France revealed the ageing process of elastin. It is the single key most important protein responsible for skin’s elasticity, literally acting as a tent peg, with the ability of placing skin under tension in all dimensions.

But, the bad news is that Elastin loosens as we age, resulting in loss of tonicity, firmness and an increase in skin ‘slackening’. The research revealed that LOXL enzyme is the agent that keeps these elements tightly together. Korres’ ElastiLift-3D™ essentially mimics this enzyme. It is an innovative 100% natural skin remodeling complex, composed of super-natural ingredients, and works in the same way to re-build facial architecture, renewing elasticity, firmness, resilience, texture and contour, while fighting wrinkles. Who needs a face-lift when you have a pot of Korres Black Pine 3D?

Available to buy from MarksandSpencer.com


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