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Antonin B’s little pot of honey is good for the hair and for the soul

by angelinavc


This is the ultimate feel-good product. Not only does Antonin B‘s Intense Honey Butter give your locks a shot of deep moisture, due to its cocktail of natural nutrients, but the young Parisian brand’s philosophy is all about being ethical and conscious to the environment.

The organic beauty brand uses 100% nature derived and certified organic in its hair products, which are also covetable due to their chic styling.

Using more of a skincare approach to haircare, this little pot of ‘honey’ leaves hair silky smooth. Ideal for dry, curly, thick and frizzy hair, you take a tiny amount in your hands and emulsify it in your palms. The wax-like texture transforms into a light oil and you then simply distribute it along the lengths and ends of hair to banish frizz and give a polished look.


Containing organic honey and organic vegetable glycerin, to keep hair hydrated, it also has cocoa butter and wheat germ oil to soften hair. Add in coconut oil and castor oil to enhance shine and keep hair in tip-top condition, and you have a veritable cocktail of ‘good-for-the-soul-and-hair’ ingredients. The formula is also infused with ylang-ylang essential oil to fortify and add shine; as well lemon, lime, palmarosa and Bourbon geranium to detoxify and purify. So you end up with lightly-scented wisps of hair.

The philosophy of the brand is extended throughout everything it does: so there are no synthetic ingredients, no extra wrapping (the products come in a reusable cotton pouch) and all the products are cruelty-free and natural.


It doesn’t get better than that.

Available from Wolf & Badger

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