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Age is nothing but a number: Olay’s three-tiered skin collection

by angelinavc

Since the glamorous days of the 1950s, when a bottle of Oil of Olay (the original pink hydrating lotion) stood on each of our grandmother’s dressing tables, Olay has been helping us all age gracefully – without breaking the bank. These days, the brand is still one of the most popular in the world, with up-to-date formulas and contemporary packaging meaning a range of products which have been reimagined for a modern-day customer. With this is mind, Olay’s latest ‘Vitality‘ collection gives a three-pronged attack on the effects of ageing and is a must for anyone wanting to banish the wrinkles for a while longer.

Olay‘s Vitality range has been primarily designed to specifically help 50+ women to meet the needs of their sensitive, mature skin but I have found the formulas wonderfully adaptive to my skin (not yet 50!) and not too rich.

Post-menopausal skin can experience a reduction in surface skin cell turnover, collagen, sebum and skin thickness, while skin sensitivity may also be increased. Olay Vitality works to counteract these by strengthening sensitive skin, so that women can get their vitality back and feel in control of their skin’s needs. Even if you are not there yet, the formulas are appealing due to their caring stance – not too thick, they have a luxury feel which works for most older skin types.


While I am not quite 50 yet (have I mentioned that?!), I have nonetheless been trying these products out and love the top-end feel of the formulas as well as the sleek packaging. The Radiance Day Cream SPF15, £19.99, sinks in like a dream and seems to even out the skin tone giving the perfect base for make-up. The moisturiser is a great daily essential, giving deep hydration (without being too unctuous) and leaving the skin looking alive and radiant.

All the products in the Vitality range contain Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 and green tea – so skin feels like it has a shot of ‘goodness’ and wonderfully revitalised. The rich vitamin complex helps to increase surface cell renewal as well as strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving skin looking radiant and nourished. It’s the definition of the ‘feel-good factor’

After prepping my face with the Day Cream, I have been smoothing on Olay Vitality Face & Décolletage Cream SPF 15, £19.99. This is my absolute favourite of the trio, because it is an area that is often overlooked (but which reveals the tell-tale signs of ageing the fastest – well at least with me it does). The velvety-textured cream hydrates the neck and décolletage area (you can also double up and use it on your face, too) and irons out the look of lines and wrinkles. I’ve been smothering it on and can definitely see an improvement.

Lastly for a deep pampering session, we have the Olay Vitality Renewing Night Mask, £19.99, which works while you sleep to increase surface cell renewal. Smooth it on to a clean face, last thing at night and when you wake up, you will see a difference – with skin looking renewed, firmer and with a glow – despite the number of hours sleep you may have had. Ageing has never looked so good.

*Beauty samples were reviewed in this post

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