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Do good, feel good, be good: Fair Squared gears up for Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week

by angelinavc
Beauty trends come and go, but one that has gained momentum and looks set to stay is the rising demand for organic and Fair Trade products. More like a lifestyle, than just a trend, the increased demand from consumers to seek out Fair Trade products means it has a huge impact on society at large.
Behind this drive is the Soil Association and next week it sees its much-anticipated Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week
​taking place. Looking to debunk the myths surrounding what is and what isn’t organic, the week brings about information and events essential to this sector of the beauty industry.
“As more of us are becoming conscious of our lifestyle choices, being mindful about what we’re putting on our skin is a natural next step,” the Association comments. ” ‘Organic’ is fast becoming the latest beauty buzzword, but not all the hype is healthy… In an industry rife with greenwashing and information overload, we’re here to clear the confusion that surrounds ‘organic’ with our annual Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week”

One leading brand shining the light on what’s fair, and what’s not, is Fair Squared. Its natural, organic and Fair Trade skincare range, includes; face, body, hand and hair care, and it has a core collection of hero products – which are also vegan.

Using fairly traded ingredients whenever possible, the brand sources ingredients from around the world, with; Apricots from Pakistan, Palestinian Olives, Limes from Brazil, Bolivian Coffee, Indian Green Tea, Moroccan Argan oil and Coconut Oil from Thailand. Using Fair Trade producers, plantation workers and small-scale farmers means that their families can enjoy improved living and working conditions, as well as having environmental and economic sustainability, without child labour or animal testing.
Protecting lips from the environment and adding a dosage of moisture to keep them kissable, is the Fair Squared Almond Lip Balm, £5.45. This little tin of goodness uses Fair Trade Apricot Oil and Almond Oil from Fair Squared partners in Pakistan.
The trees are grown in the valleys of Karakoram and the Himalayan Mountains. It is subtly flavoured and gives long-lasting protection from the sun and the cold. It also contains Fair Trade and organic Shea Butter from Burkina Faso, a women’s co-operative called The Union of Women Producers of Shea Products, located in the provinces of Sissili and Ziro.
Meanwhile, another all-rounder – and great for all the family, due to its ‘kind to skin’ ethos – is the Fair Squared Coconut Shower Gel, £9.95.
Using olive oil (Fair Trade from Palestine) for its nourishing properties, this everyday essential, soothes and cleanses dry skin. With a subtle coconut scent, it leaves skin moisturised and supple. You leave the shower feeling refreshed and invigorated.

I’ve been following up with the gorgeous Green Tea Body Butter, £10.95. Leaving limbs and body velvety smooth, the green tea (from India) nourishes while the rich shea butter (from Burkina Faso) moisturises and heals. It sinks in like a dream and leaves a nice, soft sheen.

Finally, I have been completely won over by the Argan Facial Cream, £12.95. Suited to normal and combination skin, it uses a  blend of argan and olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and apricot kernel oil to hydrate, while protecting the skin from free radicals. Fair Trade ingredients include argan oil from Morocco, apricot kernel oil from Pakistan and olive oil from Palestine.

Smooth on to clean skin and it is left moisturised and radiant. With its combination of natural ingredients, it gives the complexion a dose of goodness so that you end up looking good and – with the knowledge of the brand’s moral backbone – feeling good, too. It’s what Fair Trade, organic and natural is all about.


*This review has been based on press samples

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