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Skin deep: Anne Semonin dives into the ocean for haute skincare

by angelinavc

With its Laminaria Algae and Marine Salt, Anne Semonin‘s Mineral Mask, £42, is like immersing your face into the wonders of the ocean. Working to clear congested skin and boost dull, tired complexions, the multi-tasking mask uses the natural healing powers of marine minerals resulting in a versatile, do-it-all treatment.

Known as ‘haute couture’ skincare, the Parisian label tackles all sorts of skin complaints and skin types across its wide-ranging skincare collections. Including in its line-up of iconic products is the brand’s Mineral Mask and Lotion Marine – which both use marine minerals to tackle problem skin.


The mask can be used as a deep cleanser as well as a traditional mask and, best of all, it gets to work within just two minutes so there’s none of that waiting around for ages for it to work. Its blend of sea minerals and botanical extracts work to de-congest and boost for a clear, bright complexion. It controls excess oil without any tightness and also has antiseptic properties to banish bacteria and to minimise future breakouts. I’ve been massaging it on to my face and the start of my shower routine. Leave it on for two minutes and, after rinsing, skin feels thoroughly clean and glowing.

For a deeper hydration treatment, and to boost radiance, you can leave it on the skin for longer. A combination of lemon, horsetail and hops work to detoxify and tone while rosemary and pine help eliminate toxins and brighten the complexion.

Meanwhile, Anne Semonin‘s iconic Lotion Marine, £38, is formulated with sea water, rose water and Jania Rubens extracts. This toner – an ideal ‘final step’ in your skin-cleaning regime – gives a matte finish yet also revitalizes dull and sallow complexions.

Sourcing the goodness from the depths of the ocean, the blue liquid contains sea-sourced minerals and trace elements (potassium, magnesium, calcium), which strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier and replenishes its minerals while also enhancing its glow.

It also contains Jania Rubens, which is 20,000 to 40,000 times richer in trace elements and sea-sourced minerals than sea water, and which replenishes and moisturises skin.

This is my-go to after cleansing my face. It whips off the last traces of whatever cleanser (or mask) that you have used and gives the skin a lovely feel afterwards. It gives a new meaning to ‘deep’ cleansing.






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