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Holiday in a bottle: sail away with Linari’s Mare Pacifico

by angelinavc

Who doesn’t love being by the ocean? The sound of waves crashing on the shore, the smell of salt in the air and the blissful feeling of immersing yourself into warm, aquamarine waters… equals utter heaven for most of us. Bottling this feeling and capturing it in his cult perfume, Mare Pacifico, £145, Mark Buxton has created the ultimate summer-time Eau de Parfum for perfume house Linari. Spritz it on and its watery notes will transport you to the life on the ocean waves.

Inspired by the Pacific Ocean, this fragrance – one of my all-time favourites – is like a holiday in a bottle. Blended with salty, aquatic notes are fresh tangy lemon, Russian birch leaf, Spanish cypress oil and spicy-flowery mate absolue. It is an oceanic-green perfume with notes of seaweed and sweet accords of Turkish rose absolue. There’s Indonesian patchouli, Sri Lancan sandalwood and French moss to give it depth, but overall this is as light as air and full of marine promise.

Considered to be one of the most inspiring perfumers in the fragrance world today, German-English Mark Buxton is renowned for his unique and innovative creations. He’s a match made in heaven for german perfumery Linari – a house renowned for working with the world’s top perfumers, and whose line-up of sought-after Eau de Parfums are must-have for perfume aficionados. All linked by their timeless, design ethos, Mare Pacifico is no exception. Its bottle – designed by Rainer Diersche – comes in a heavy French glass flacon, decorated with platinum waves and an African wedge-wood cap. Echoing a luxury yacht, it is sculptural, circular and merges an Art Deco sensibility with a thoroughly contemporary design edge.

With its seagrass, lemony , seawatery notes – it is airy yet sensual, summery yet cool – the perfect accompaniment to the season ahead.

Available at Roullierwhite.com

*This review is based on a press sample

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