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Why do one thing when you can do many? Olay’s 7-in-one defies ageing

by angelinavc

This is my new skin go-to – New Olay Total Effects Age-Defying Moisturiser SPF30 does everything (except wash the dishes) to keep skin in tip-top condition, and will revolutionise your regime. Its USP is based around the fact that it incorporates a higher than usual SPF into what is a daily essential moisturiser (Olay’s most recent research showed that it is UV exposure and skin hydration that are the main causes of ageing).

So, instead of having to apply separate skin and sun-care products – this does both in one. What’s more, its light texture means you don’t feel like you are applying a SPF30 product – which are normally heavy in texture – regardless of whether it is summer or not.


Working to repair, protect and improve skin with its VitaNiacin Complex – it’s seven-pronged attack includes replenishing moisture, evening out skin tone, brightening skin, smoothing lines, reducing pores, firming-up and reducing dark spots.

The texture is just the right side of ‘light’ so it is not too ‘flimsy’ or too Ruch – velvety and luxurious feeling, it sinks in like a dream and leaves you looking radiant and healthy. What more do you want a cream to do?

£14.99 from leading supermarkets and chemists

*This review is based on a press sample

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