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Black sugar: Korres gives a sweet take on unisex fragrances

by angelinavc

Korres is a brand known for its beautifully-made, Greek inspired products – with ingredients sourced from the natural world and its origins rooted in the apothecary heritage of its past. Ramping up its reputation from ‘summery’ to ‘serious’ is its new unisex collection of Eau de Toilettes.

The Black range is made up of two fragrances based on the art of high perfumery and inspired by the sensuality of two precious black ingredients – black sugar and black pepper.

My favourite is the Black Sugar, Oriental Lily and Violet scent, £30, which is a sweet perfume with an oriental twist. Hints of violet give a powdery edge made softer with warm caramel and amber notes. Its candy accords give the first hit with notes of black sugar giving a warmer, darker edge that slowly develops after spritzing it on.


Eastern Lilies – an eastern take on the eternal symbol of innocence – are majestic flowers, and give a soft oriental touch. While, Violet, a delicate flower with a woody floral scent – associated with eternal romance – lends sweet powder notes.

As well as being good on the nose, the fragrances are also free from synthetic non-biodegradable compounds that are widely used as fragrance fixatives and are known to cause irritations. Instead. the brand has developed a formula with alcohol of natural origin, derived from wheat or corn, while rosemary is used as a natural formula antioxidant.

Subtle, sweet and seductive: it’s like being in a candy shop for grown-ups. Spritz it on and soak it up.

The fragrances are available from www.LibertyLondon.com

*This review is based on a press sample



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