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Get your glow on. The secret’s out: how to get a flawless finish with Bali Body’s BB Cream (and it’s super easy)

by angelinavc

That sun-kissed glow is the ultimate goal for summer-time (just think of Meghan the minute that veil went back). The reality, is of course, that a flawless, dewy complexion, without using a ton of make-up, is not easy to achieve.

Say hello, then, to Bali Body’s BB Cream, £25.95,– the one little gem that will take you from wan to wonderful in a few seconds.

Hailing from Australia, this gorgeous multi-tasker has a light-weight texture, so it sinks in like a dream, and hydrates while perfecting the skin. It erases imperfections, gives a natural coverage and corrects any imperfections. What’s more, it has an SPF15 so it also protects the skin against sun damage. In short, it’s the one essential you need to invest in this summer (another bonus is that a little will go a LONG way).

Each morning, I’ve been using it on a clean face – after applying my serum. Because it moisturises, it gives enough hydration to be able to skip the moisturiser step in your regime. Result for hot days. Ideal for busy ones, too.

And the look? A healthy, dewy glow that looks super-natural. Because it gives a radiant finish to the skin, it means you can go ‘bare’ if you want to. I frequently do during the summer months or when on holiday – it’s a time when I often can’t be fussed to ‘do’ your face but that’s not to say I don’t want to have a little ‘polish’, or maybe you just want to let your skin breathe for a bit. So the good news is that the BB Cream is also lightweight enough so you feel skin is not laden down, but effective enough so you still look ‘finished’.


The brand, from Melbourne, is vegan-friendly and uses natural and nourishing ingredients. The BB Cream comes in a choice of four shades so you can match it perfectly against your complexion. It blends easily and its modern, shimmery bronze design, makes it extra covetable.

This is the first product I’ll be packing on my next journey away. My new ‘must-have’ for holidays and days when you want to get your glow on. It’s like a little slice of Australia (without getting on a plane).

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