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Wash and mend with Fit Kit post-exercise shower gels

by angelinavc

Next time you are picking up a bag of salad and a bottle of olive oil, wander along to Waitrose‘s beauty aisle. The supermarket brand has introduced a new product line aimed at gym-goers for post-workout care (and it is just a coincidence the squishy packaging could also be found on the yoghurt shelves).

These genius Fit Kit Shower Gels, £3.99, not only clean and refresh the body, but are also packed with natural ingredients, which help with specific exercise concerns, such as congestion, muscle aches and irritated skin.

The range includes three different gels with varied benefits that work while you wash (as well as two anti-redness moisturisers). Jeremy Carson, creator and founder of Fit Kit, developed the body care range after he was diagnosed with arthritis and increased his exercise regime to combat this. Jeremy says: “I found that my arthritis was becoming more manageable when exercising and using muscle rubs and sprays, but I kept forgetting them when I went to the gym. It occurred to me that if these recovery products and their benefits were combined in everyday toiletries it would make it much easier. So I set about creating Fit Kit, which does exactly that.”

First up is the Muscle Cooling Shower Gel which contains Peppermint Oil to soothe aching muscles. It hits the senses with its uplifting scent and revives and energises muscles again.

Then, there is the Skin Soothing Shower Gel with olive extracts to relieve abrasions and to ease and pamper the body.

Finally, is the Clear Breathing Shower Gel with eucalyptus to ease nasal congestion and clear the mind.

While the UK-made products care for the body, they also have an eye on the environment and animal welfare, with the range being certified natural by the Soil Association and certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA. Who knew a simple shower could have so many added benefits?



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