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Lightening effects: The W7 kit to prep, prime and finish the skin

by angelinavc

There’s something about a make-up kit bursting with practical, target-driven lotions, potions, creams and powders that I love. More than gorgeous compacts, eyeshadow quads and an array of lipsticks – when I see a line-up of ‘fixer-uppers’, I get, well, a beauty ‘thrill’ (yes, maybe I should get out more…)

With a collection of over 500 products (none are tested on animals), W7 Cosmetics is a veritable sweet shop for beauty buffs into these kind of skin perfecters, and, what’s more, you’ll be guaranteed to find exactly the right product for you, at an affordable price.


Take these two complexion enhancers, as a case in point. The Glow It All Multi-Glow Serum, £8.95, can be used in two ways. As a first step serum, to give you a dewy glow – ideal on a nude face or if you are going for a light make-up look. You can also use the dropper tool to add a final finish as a highlighter. Simply add a touch of the essence along the cheek bones, brow and eyebrow-line to add a touch of radiance. So glamourous and simple.

The Princess Potion, £8.95, meanwhile, works as a super-booster primer for the face. The pale-pink liquid works wonders on bare skin to give a natural glow, or you can use it as a base before foundation. I’ll be taking it on my next holiday and doing away with all other potions and lotions, as it works a dream to give skin a vibrant, finished look – ideal when you don’t want to laden skin down with heavy formulas.

Sinking in fast, I’ve been using this on a daily basis, after moisturising, to enhance and perfect. Blended with hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, aloe, argan oil, grape leaf and camomile, it smells divine and is the perfect finishing touch (or starting step) to complement the skin.

Meanwhile, those prone to redness, should elect to use W7’s genius Prime Magic Anti-Redness Primer, £6.95. The brand has a range of four different Prime Magic primers targeting different problems (such as dull or tired skin), but this one really works a treat to calm and soothe an uneven complexion.

It might look an unsightly shade of green, but don’t let that put you off: the colour reacts against redness and vanishes away to leave skin even in tone and colour corrected.

I’ve been using it in conjunction with this Colour Correcting Concealer, £5.95, from the Cover Chameleon collection, a range of colour correcting concealers which target a variety of problem areas. This is perfect if you have small areas you want to ‘correct’ or if the problem needs accurate targeting. It has a lovely creamy consistency and bendable formula – so it sinks in easily. A little goes a long way, and any red patches vanish like a dream. Use it under eyes, cheekbones and chin – it also corrects blemishes and pigmentation.

Once you’ve completed your look – whether it is a fabulous full-face of make-up or a natural, nude look – then go to the brand’s finishing products. This Selfie Powder, £6.95, is ideal for finishing your face with a flourish. It is an ultra-fine, translucent powder but with an innovative blue undertone so it seems to ‘backlight’ the skin to translate beautifully in photos.

As well as eliminating shine, it absorbs oil so it works as a make-up fixer, setting your look no matter how long your day or night lasts (or your selfie session). Giving a matte finish it seems to uplift and illuminate at the same time. Genius.

Meanwhile, fans of a natural look should get their brushes around this hero product – essential to any kit. Matte Dreamer, £6.95, is a finely-milled, neutral powder providing a natural, matte finish. It sets make-up and gives a flawless result, suiting all skin types.

The powder can be used under the eyes for highlighting purposes as well as the T- Zone. Sweep it over foundation to set and perfect and you’ll notice a subtle – but perfecting – difference.

Finally, – and you never knew you needed this until you try it – is this The Matte Fixer, £4.95. A fine setting spray, you spritz it over your face once you have finished your make-up. It does away with streaky highlighters, running mascara and blotchy blusher, helping to prevent smudging and leaving your look defined and perfected. Practical, functional and gets the job done. Now who isn’t excited by that?


*This review is based on press samples

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