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CULT 51: a cult that has become a way of life

by angelinavc

A few years ago I was lucky enough to test CULT 51’s Night Cream. First let me say, it’s not called ‘Cult’ for nothing – for at the time (and, in fact, still now) there’s a buzz around this brand, especially among beauty buffs, who can’t get enough of its phenomenal results. It is also used by many A-lister’s – as it is perfect for helping them look their best, even without make-up, when unforgiving photos are being taken on the run and on the red-carpet alike.

After trying it myself, I soon discovered what the fuss was all about. And, a few years, on I have not found anything that has beaten it for actual results –  it is one of those rare creams that really does work. It’s perfect for dry skin, it works for sensitive skin, it even suits oily complexions. It smooths, it evens out pigmentation and it feel glorious when you apply it. You wake up and your skin looks a million dollars.

It’s also strangely addictive – with a spongy-like texture and glorious fragrance (think: gardenia, jasmine, rose and patchouli which all combine to soothe your senses, as you nod off). It is a cream that I eked out and made last as long as I could (luckily, especially given the price tag of £125, a little does goes a long way). It is also a product I will always suggest when friends and family ask: ‘But what would you truly recommend?’

So, imagine my joy when I heard about the brand’s Day Cream and Immediate Effect Serum was now available at Farnham’s Space NK, close to where I live.

The CULT 51 Day Cream (from £100) picks up where the Night Cream has finished. It tackles the many aggressors that the skin faces during the daytime; preventing UV-induced pigmentation, neutralising pollution, tackling redness, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and increasing skin’s moisture levels.

It sinks in like a dream and feels velvety and soft – dry patches are immediately eliminated, oil areas are mattified and skin is left feeling smoother and firmer. It also contains an SPF15, so there’s no need to add additional sun protection, and, just like the Night Cream, it is also scented so it feels deeply pampering and luxurious.

The brand was devised by chemist Richard Mears, who wanted an intelligently-crafted skincare range packed with scientifically advanced ingredients which offered clear, visible results. You won’t be disappointed. After a few days of using the cream, skin feels plumped-up and glowing. It also works as a great primer before make-up erasing dry areas, red patches and uneven tone. It’s like a great spa treatment that you can literally dip into each day to create skin in the best tip-top condition it can be.

I’ve been using it after a dose of the brand’s new Immediate Effect Serum (from £95), which gives a 360 approach to skin care – addressing a multitude of concerns (from evening out skin tone to pepping up dull complexions). It boost’s skin’s natural production of elastin, collagen and cellular regeneration, to reduce wrinkles, lines and under-eye bags. It’s a cocktail of scientific know-how.

Its potent mix of ingredients firm, tone, erase imperfections and smooth creases, working to give immediate results in just 15 minutes and longer-lasting effect within two weeks.

While both are at the top end of the price scale, the formulas are so rich and velvety that you can use even just a little and make them last for ages. For those worrying about ageing and visible signs of tiredness and the stresses of modern-day life – even one of the products would be a great investment. The products  are worth it, you are worth it… they simply just work.



*This review is based on press samples

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