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BIO-Extracts: eye-opening clean beauty

by angelinavc

I recently wrote about my discovery of BIO-EXTRACTS, a new brand doing exciting things with skincare based on advanced biotechnology. I’ve now trialled the brand’s innovative ‘eye system’, which is based around the same ethos as the moisturiser range, and harnesses the highest concentrations of potent natural actives.

You start with a base cream: in this instance, it is the Eye Contour Age Defying Cream, £24. As with all the moisturisers from the collection, these can be used by themselves due to their performance-driven formulas.

I’ve been using it every morning, dabbing it around the eye area. It instantly vanishes into skin, and creates a protective ‘hydration patch’, leaving the eye area re-hydrated and nourished, while reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark shadows. The result is more of an awake appearance and relief to tired-looking eyes.

The packaging is modern and contemporary – and practical – with the cream having a ‘push lid’ so that the formula is released by pump action onto a hygienic inner surface. While it is effective to use by itself, the charm of BIO-EXTRACTS, of course, is its ‘super-boosting’ philosophy.

With a selection of serums to choose from, you can create your own bespoke skincare range by adding ‘shots’ – or ‘boosts’ – of the targeted serums to the creams.

The Eye Brightening Boost, £19.50, is great for mornings to give a wide-awake effect. It cools, refreshes and reduces dark circles with its Elderberry Flower extract. Tired-looking eyes look less puffy and it calms, soothes and moisturises.

Meanwhile, the Eye Contour Lift and Firm Boost, £19.50, is the perfect ‘go-to’ before a big event or night out. It uses extract of Snake Flower to lift and firm. Tackling fine lines and crow’s feet, it re-hydrates the eye area and promotes the increase of collagen production. Use as a primer for longer-lasting make-up results.



*This review is based on press samples

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