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Face the sun: the latest protection for summer skin

by angelinavc

Giving the ultimate protection to delicate facial skin is Nivea Sun’s latest Face Range of UV protection. While 62% of us still use the same protection for our faces that we use on our bodies, Nivea’s new products does away with the resulting problems this can cause. Many body sunscreens, for instance, are too heavy and oily for the face, resulting in clogged pores and outbreaks.

Designed to use all year round, as well as on holiday or when we experience a rare sunny summer (like we’ve just had), the new launches include the innovative Moisture Mousse, £10.99, which has a SPF of 50. Just back from two weeks in Thailand, this has been my go-to for daily protection and has resulted in a nice, even tan with no damage to my skin.

It has a light, fluffy texture which dissolves and sinks in quickly and easily. The fast-absorbing formula provides immediate protection from UVA/UVB rays as well as everyday pollutants, free radicals and environmental damage. As well as the high level of protection, it has a moisturising effect, so can be used after a serum, to replace your usual moisturiser. It also leaves  0% white residue on the skin.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Age & Anti-Pigments, £10.99, (which comes in both SPF 50 and 30) has a cream texture, and offers a highly effective way of preventing and fighting the signs of premature skin ageing. The formula with naturally derived antioxidants helps the skin to protect itself against sun damage. The light and fresh scented cream leaves the skin feeling smooth with 0% white residue.

While I love the mousse texture – which is light enough to use on even the hottest days – the cream formula is better suited, in my opinion, to year round protection. It has a lightweight texture, which melts into the skin; making it suitable for even the most sensitive of areas such as skin around the eyes, neck and décolletage.

Also available is a Shine Control formula, £10.99, which which works to hydrate with naturally derived antioxidants and leaves skin with a matt finish – making it ideal for everyday use. The three products are ideal for different individual skin needs and will protect whether you are swimming in an exotic ocean or running around the city.


*This review is based on press samples

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