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Summery sweet imagination: the unicorn gets pretty with Baylis & Harding

by angelinavc

First we had mermaids, then it was pineapples, then our love of the pinkest flamingoes took hold… but, so far, the award for the most popular craze of 2018 has to go to (drum roll, please)… unicorns. And, for beauty buffs and unicorn lovers alike, get your hands on the new collection of goodies by Baylis & Harding, which captures our love of the mythical creature in the prettiest way possible.

The Beauticology Unicorn Candy Collection is a playful beauty range inspired by the cute creature, and with products scented with candy notes (what else?). The Hand Wash, £2.15, Bath Foam, £3, and Shower Creme, £3, come in bumper sizes and, with their lilac hues and whimsical illustrations, give a delightful addition to any bathroom shelf.

For dry skins, the Shower Creme is perfect – not only does it clean and refresh but it gives a lovely hydrating finish to limbs.

For candy-scented bubbles, add a dollop or two of the Bath Foam to your tub and soak away the hours. You’ll leave with soft skin gently scented with sweet notes and your head in the clouds.

Finally, the Hand Wash, will see you washing your hands more often than you need. The addictive scent leaves hands fresh and perfumed and the moisturising formula means skin stays supple and smooth. Just dreamy.

The collection is available in Boots.


*This review is based on press samples

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