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How to achieve model skin with Masque Bar

by angelinavc

I’m a big fan of Korean beauty products, and, while K Beauty is renowned for its innovative, quirky products (snail gel, anyone?), the fact is that the breed of products are so popular because they also give fantastic results. Known for its sheet masks, Masque Bar became leaders in the ‘masking’ field due to the fact that the brand was one of the first to incorporate serum or essences to treat the skin via a cotton or fibre sheet – in other words, offering a beauty-salon style facial at home, for much less money and fuss.

Taking it a step further are its latest launches – Magic Masks – two gel-based modelling masks which work in two steps. Not the usual run-of-the-mill face masks, they have a unique formula, which ingeniously transforms into a rubberised texture, feeding the skin and leaving it rejuvenated.

Perfect for the change in seasons, is the Gold Magic Mask, £5, which uses 24 karat gold particles to add a touch of glamour to your beauty routine as well as that all-essential radiance to dull-looking skin. 

These will totally appeal to DIY alchemists, as you have to mix it up yourself to activate the ingredients. Using the plastic tray the sachets are packaged in, you simply mix the powder sachet and liquid formula together with the plastic spatula provided. Working quickly, you then apply this to the face with the spatula. Before you know it, it has transformed into a weird and wonderful rubberised consistency. Relax for 20-25 minutes, and you simply peel it off to reveal glowing skin.

The Charcoal Magic Mask, £5, works in the same way, but is more suited to skin which is prone to break-outs. It uses charcoal powder and aloe vera to deep cleanse and to give an ‘injection’ of nutrients to the skin. Leave it on and it peels away to leave a clean, fresh appearance. Magic!

Available from asos.com and urbanoutfitters.com


*This review is based on press samples

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