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The latest winter wonders for a beauty revamp

by angelinavc

Invest in one (or all) of these new launches and overhaul your beauty regime and your feel-good factor.

Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost body range targets dry and flaky skin – ideal for the winter time, when the cold weather can make skin feel dull and overly dry.

The Whipped Body Balm, £4.99, goes on like a dream and sinks into the skin easily. It is lightweight yet provides continues hydration through the day. It is fortified with Hyaluronic Acid, and feels refreshing, without being greasy. Skin is left smooth, supple and revitalised after use.

The Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream, £4.99, meanwhile, has a richer feel and leaves skin radiant with a subtle gleam. I’ve been using this after my morning shower, and it dries quickly, and sinks in immediately, so you can get dressed straight away. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient capable of holding up to 1000x its weight in water, so the cream leaves skin feeling super-hydrated and rejuvenated.

Finally, the Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream, £5.49, is a lifesaver to combat chapped hands. Throw in your bag and keep it ‘on call’ to drench skin with moisture through the day, and keep them in tip-top condition.

It’s not just the body that can suffer in the chilly weather. Hair can become dry and brittle, too. Giving your locks an extra boost, Virtue Shampoo is a once-weekly clarifying cleanser, which removes impurities, such as excess oil, product residue and pollutants. Formulated with charcoal powder, hops extract and coconut fatty acid blend – it works like a deep-clean for the hair and soaks up oils, gently cleanses away impurities and has a moisturising action.

Virtue’s Refresh Purifying Leave-In Conditioner, £38, is the perfect follow-up to add the finishing touch when it comes to prepping the hair. It is a lightweight detangling mist, which nourishes the hair with gentle conditioners. Spritz it on and it reduces fly away hair and shields against environmental damage, leaving hair smith and shiny.

Containing orange and lemon essential oils, detoxifying tea and White Horehound Extract, which detoxifies, it is an easy-to-use multi-action conditioner.

Lastly, is my latest ‘secret’ beauty remedy that has done wonders for my skin. Cold Pressed Reship Oil, from Australian brand RosehipPLUS, contains naturally occurring bioflavonoids and essential fatty acids. Bioflavonoids act as potent antioxidants, helping to reduce free radical damage in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6 and 9) in the oil help to keep the skin hydrated, moisturised and younger looking.

That’s the science bit, the reality bit means skin is left plumped-up and glowing. I’ve been adding a few drops to my daily moisturiser, so it sinks in easily and is not too oily.

RosehipPLUS’s Rosehip Oil is a 100% pure and natural Certified Organic rosehip oil, cold pressed from the seeds of the Rosehip berry, which are sourced the southern regions of Chile.

It’s basically a natural little gem that helps with a number of skin complaints: from reducing the appearance of stretchmarks and scars to giving continual hydration for dry skin. It helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles and helps skin texture and elasticity. It also reduces the appearance of skin pigmentation. Available on amazon.co.uk

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