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Great Danes: get cooking with this new skincare brand

by angelinavc

I love this new Danish skincare launch, now available in the UK at Indulge Beauty, which brings together a minimalist aesthetic with an honest, organic ethos.

Danish skincare brand ECooking skincare packs a punch with its organic and natural super-ingredients, giving immediate results for your skin. Its functional-looking packaging is down to its origins in a Danish beauty aficionado’s kitchen. Starting out by hand-mixing raw ingredients at her kitchen table to create skincare for herself, founder Tina Søgaard produced results so noticeable that all of her family and friends wanted to get their hands on her homemade concoctions. As Tina perfected her formulas, Ecooking was born, combining ‘eco’ ideals (with its natural, environmentally-friendly outlook) with ingredients so pure that some can even be used in ‘cooking’. The result is a genius line of versatile products.

Believing in honesty and transparency, the labels and names are easy to understand so you can be sure about exactly what the products contain. The Cleansing Milk, £19, for instance, is a wash-off formula containing vitamin E, sunflower oil, glycerin and cucumber extract. It whips off make-up and dirt, leaving skin velvety smooth and super-clean feeling.

I’ve also been trialling the Firming Serum Capsules, £43, which have an anti-ageing formula to target lines and wrinkles. Aiming to be a natural alternative to Botox, they contain Hexaptide, which works just like Botox when used continuously. You twist off the end of each capsule and pat into face as a serum before moisturising in the morning or as a treatment at night.

The Shower Gel, £18.50, gently cleanses skin with its cocktail of natural raw ingredients – such as glycerin, aloe vera and hydrolysed wheat protein. Skin is left soft, clean and hydrated, and scented with orange, lavender and rose. It’s a gorgeous way to start the day and can also double up as a hair wash, too. It’s cooking’ – hot, hot, hot.

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