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Face value: the latest ways to keep it clean

by angelinavc

This is my latest beauty crush – kind to your skin and kind to the environment. Say hello to Face Halo.

Face Halo, £7 (from Boots.com) is billed as ‘a modern makeup remover’, and it really is. It does away with cleansers and wipes and you simply use the sponge by itself to clean away the day’s make-up and debris. Its USP? It has revolutionary tiny fibres, which make up the face sponge. These can reach deep into your pores to remove and trap makeup, without the use of any environmentally harmful products.

You only need to add water, and Face Halo traps and removes makeup for a deep clean and gentle exfoliation. It swipes off everything – and you are surprised at the amount of ‘grime’ that comes off – including waterproof mascara. Dual-sided and reusable, it essentially replaces up to 500 traditional makeup wipes as well as your standard bottles of cleanser and toner. After using it, I love the way your skin feels super clean, soft and hydrated.

Also new, and launched with the environment in mind, not to mention the condition of your skin, is the latest K-beauty Jinmee’s Hydrapuff, £6, (from topshop.com). These little sheets are basically a ‘cotton wool’ replacement, and not only effectively apply your products – such as cleaners (if you are still stuck on using them!, toners, oils and serums), but also enable you to cut down how much of them you use.

Simply soak your Hydrapuff in your favourite toner, serum and oil – and the eco-friendly sheets allow products to penetrate deeper into skin by up to 50%. Not only is Hydrapuff good for your skin but it’s good for the environment, too – it is bio-degradable, vegan, cruelty-free and all packaging is completely plastic-free and fully recyclable. So sweet!

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