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Naturally does it: D’Alchemy Skincare and its flower water secret

by angelinavc

This gorgeous ‘Age Defence Broad-Spectrum Remedy‘ by D’Alchemy may sound complex, but it’s actually really very simple. The natural beauty brand avoids using water as an ingredient in its products and the outcome is a results-orientated collection of products, which is kind to the skin and to the planet.

Why water free? You may think. Water-free beauty can also mean
chemical-free beauty when it comes to the ingredients needed. Becausewater creates an environment for microorganisms and bacteria to
grow; alcohols, preservatives and antibacterial solutions are usually
needed to kill them. Waterless beauty products, therefore, negate the
need for such preservatives, leaving more room for natural

D’Alchemy Skincare replaces water with natural plant hydrosols as an alternative. Plant hydrosols, also known as flower waters, are the product of steam distilling botanic materials such as lavender, witch hazel and rose. D’Alchemy uses them as an alternative to water as they add natural fragrances, capture therapeutic properties of plants and are more effective in caring for your skin.

This ‘remedy’ is a fabulous daily moisturiser which targets mature skin suffering from hormonal skin ageing. It uses natural-origin active ingredients to compensate for the hormonal deficiencies typical of older skin and the soft cream provides intensive skin regeneration, lightens up discolouration, fills up wrinkles, and prevents loss of firmness and density.

It has a lovely rich texture, but is non-oily, and vanishes quickly, leaving the complexion radiant and dewy. Over time, you’ll notice that hyperpigmentation becomes lighter and the skin tone becomes even. Wrinkles are reduced, and skin feels firmer. It contains a “herbal botox” from the African flower Acmella, which works to strengthen collagen structure. It also uses extracts from guarana, acerola and cranberry for an antioxidant effect. Naturally good.

Available from lovelula.com

*This review is based on a press sample

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