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Rainbow hair: tie it up with jewel-coloured silk

by angelinavc

It’s all about the hair accessory at the moment – crowns made of flowers, headbands adorned with pearls and scarves around pony-tails. For a more subtle statement look, however, these silk hair bands from Silke London are such an elegant way to add a pop of colour to your ‘do’.

The Frida collection, £30, comes in vibrant hues of scarlet, violet, emerald, azure, tangerine and fuschia. What’s not to love? You’ll want to wear them all together – they are so vibrant and decadent-looking. What’s more, they are made of 100% pure mulberry silk so they glide effortlessly over your mane leaving no damage.

The soft textile leaves no kinks and no snagging, and the ties slip effortlessly off when you want to shake your locks free. They are also made from super-strength elastic so there’ll be no snapping – or letting you down (in more ways than one) at the last moment.

The six rich jewel tones are perfect for a summer look, I think. They’ll give a pop of colour around a plait, with an all-white outfit, for instance. Or they’ll add a statement around a bun when matched with a sophisticated black summer dress. Adding interest against pastel florals and barely-there whimsical outfits, you could also use two clashing colours together for a nonchalant ‘I just threw this together’ look.

Protecting your hair against split ends and kinks, the ties contrast beautifully against all hair colours. Silke London, the brand, is also known for its gorgeous silk hair turbans and was originally inspired by the time-tested traditional hair wrapping methods of the founder’s Caribbean heritage, Maria found that wrapping her hair specifically in 100% silk had incredible transformative results.

Maria discovered that wrapping her hair specifically in 100% silk delivered incredible transformative results. Widely known for its benefits to the skin, why couldn’t it do the same for our hair? she questioned. And Silke London was born. It’s all about good hair, do care.


*This review is based on a press sample

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