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September’s skincare wonder kit – invest in one of these little gems to see you segue radiantly into autumn

by angelinavc

This month, I’ve been trialling a range of new skin products which have left my skin glowing and radiant.

First up, and available from the amazing, new online store called Skinspace is a number of cult buys that combine science, for hard-working formulas, and pretty aesthetics, so they look good in your bathroom. Bringing together a range of cult beauty brands from around the world, the online site is a treasure trove of little-known, trending brands and amazing products that do wonders for your skin, body and soul.

This Coconut Hydrating Face Oil, £23, for instance, from Koconoi, is my new favourite facial ‘pick-me-up’ treatment. I’ve been using it every morning, as the last layer after moisturising, and letting it sink in before applying my make-up (I also find that it works well as the first step, instead of a serum). You can also add a few drops into your moisturiser as a little extra boost. Just a drop or two warmed int he palm of your hand is all you need to give skin a boost.

As some of you know, my main job involves a LOT of travel and it can play havoc with your skin. This blend of tropical oils – moringa, roucou and coconut – works to hydrate, repair and inject the skin with anti-ageing properties. It is also packed with antioxidants due to its high concentration fo beta-carotene, so skin is left wonderfully nourished and glowing. It also smells like you’ve just come back from the far-flung Polynesia islands… even when you’ve just popped down to your local shops.

Another brand that has caught my eye on Skinspace is DETOX Skinfood and this Total Face Serum, £25, is like a superfood meal for your skin. Packed with superfoods and antioxidants, such as rice oil and kale, this face serum works to revitalise and restore balance – leaving you glowing just like after a good meal.

Skin is left supple and soft, yet with a firm texture too. It’s perfect for tired, dull skin as it deeply hydrates and adds a radiance even if you’ve had just a few hours sleep.

Available from skinspace.co

Next up is this duo from Oriflame’s Love Nature collection, which is inspired by beneficial ingredients sourced from the natural world.

This Refreshing Eye Gel, £7, targets the sensitive skin around the eye area. With a refreshing, cooling effect, it works to banish dark circles and signs of tiredness. Using organic extracts of aloe vera and coconut water – it helps to moisturise and delicate skin.

At its heart is organic aloe vera extract, which, with its leaves made up of up of 99.5% water, has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Besides hydration, is also known for its anti-oxidant and calming properties. Oriflame has freeze-dried and ground the aloe vera into powder to capture its benefits. (This process helps to better preserve the plant’s moisturising properties and also helps the planet by reducing the ingredient volumes in transport.)

Also using aloe vera and coconut water, is this Refreshing 2-in-1 Mask & Scrub, £7, which works as a deep-cleansing treatment. It gets rid of dull skin to reveal a revitalised complexed, with refined pores and impurities banished. You can use it as a weekly scrub and rinse it off, or leave on for 10 minutes to work a little harder. Not only is it kind to the skin but it is also environmentally-friendly, as it’s alcohol free, paraben-free and contains no silicones. The formulation features only natural-origin exfoliating particles and is biodegradable. Just as nature intended…

*This review is based on press samples

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