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No bad hair days: new launches to keep the bounce on your bonce

by angelinavc

These little hair masks by John Frieda are genius solutions for those bad hair days. The ultimate pick-me-up – especially when the rain has caused havoc with your hair – they give an extra boost just when you need it. The Blonde Brightening Miracle Drops, £2.49, uses grapeseed oil to increase surface shine and to deeply condition so that hair is left shiny and radiant.

What’s more, they work in five minutes so you can use in-shower so that dull, faded hair looks brighter and blonder without any fuss or hanging around.

Don’t fret if you have the frizz! The Smoothing Mask has nourishing properties and uses avocado oil to smooth and transform hair into a glossy, glistening glory.

*Available from Superdrug.

Another essential for your hair kit is this Puff Me Light super-volumising powder spray. Spritz it on and it gives instant volume – ideal to add a touch of va va room to fine or medium hair.   

The light formula gives bounce to hair without stiffness, it is also is odour and mess free and is also ideal for giving texture for up-dos and braids.

*Available from Designmehair.com

*This review is based on press samples

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