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The quest for good skin continues…

by angelinavc

Adding to my post yesterday about how I have revamped my skincare regime to deal with unexpected blemishes, I’ve also included these hardworking products, which are ideal to enhance gentle skincare, into my routine.

I’m loving this ‘It’s Magic! Makeup Remover Cloth by W7 (£7.95 from w7cosmetics.co.uk) – not only does it away with wipes and cotton wool, making it super eco-friendly, it also swipes off a full face of makeup with no need for any products. So easy!

The revolutionary cloth removes a full face of makeup, including waterproof mascara, using a combination of knitted polyesters, silk fibres and tap water. With no harsh chemicals, it is perfect for sensitive skin as it cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin using just tap water. The cloth is also machine washable and can last up to 1000 washes.

It’s ideal for when in a rush, or for those with sensitive skin and looking to reduce the amount of products used. Just splash the face with some water and dampen the cloth. Gently wash over the face and it’s left super clean. I’m a convert.

For those who like a face wash or perhaps need the convenience of wipes with a gentle formula, then Simple‘s recent collaboration with Little Mix is just the thing for a product with no nasties and a dose of kindness.

This, the second collaboration with the band, is part of Simple’s ongoing mission to spread kindness: “We want to encourage everyone to wipe away unkind words and instead #choosekindness. This is part of our mission to be kind to not only skin but also people and the planet,” says Simple.

Launched in September, the six-product-strong limited edition SIMPLE X LITTLE MIX skincare range includes biodegradable cleansing wipes, moisturising facial wash, a brightening under-eye hydrogel mask and a rich moisture sheet mask. Each of the products in the collection has been updated with bespoke designs covered in kind words chosen by Little Mix to start spreading kindness.

Finally, I’ve been won over by the sheer innovation of Dots for Spots. Long been one of Korea’s best kept beauty secrets, these acne patches are simply genius. The miniature hydrocolloid patches cover your spots to create a unique healing environment, drawing out impurities while giving the spot time to heal safely and naturally.

Invisible to the eye, and super thin, they are worn over a spot usually overnight and work by mainly absorbing fluid from a spot, without drying the surrounding skin out or causing damage by excessive squeezing (it’s covered so you can’t be tempted). Over six hours, the patch starts to turn white – a sign that it is working – and when you remove it – like magic, the spot is reduced in size, with redness gone and vastly improved.

*This review is based on press samples

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