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Curls, naturally: Shea Moisture

by angelinavc

When it comes to specific and wonderfully targeted products for mixed-race, curly and afro hair, Shea Moisture products are leagues ahead of the rest. Natural formulas, attractive packaging and formulas that really work for my mixed-heritage sons – yes, we’ve finally found a brand that suits their hair (after years of trialling all sorts of brands).

This Hi-Slip Detangling Shampoo, conditions as it washes and prevents shrinkage, which is common in afro and curly hair. It uses coconut oil, cocoa butter and red palm oil, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, with flaxseed oil to leave hair soft, shiny and tangle free. It is also sulphate-free so is good for the scalp and your locks.

Another great product, is this versatile Leave-In Or Rinse-Out Conditioner. You can apply it after shampooing – and those with super-dry hair can wash and go – or simply rinse it out for a conditioning treat that isn’t too heavy. It moisturises and protects hair and leaves it conditioned and frizz-free.

After-care is a big issue in looking after mixed-race hair – it doesn’t stop after you step out of the shower and half the battle of maintaining well-conditioned hair is finding the right product that suits you. With many styles and variations of curls and textures, Shea Moisture is one of the only brands with a multitude of products aimed at various styles and types of hair and which is also amenable for boys to use (many brands in this sector are aimed at girls and women).

For those with braids or box braids, this Jojoba Oil and Ucuuba Butter Briad-Up Conditioning Gel is a lifesaver. It can be used to moisturise coarse and unruly strands, apply it from root to tip before styling for workability and to aid creating braided hairstyles. It can also be applied once the braids are finished to prevent flyaway sections and frizz. The super-hydrating, non-greasy formula improves softness, manageability and suppleness of hair to counter breakage and brittleness caused by tugging and tightness of plaits.

Next up, is this Track Tension Relief Serum which lessons that dreaded tightness and itchiness associated with braided hairstyles. It’s a calming and comforting hair serum that provides immediate relief to cornrows, braids and extensions. The super-moisturising blend of jojoba oil and ucuuba butter calms and comforts the hair, while the non-greasy liquid drops sink rapidly into the scalp and disperses a cooling effect (thanks to peppermint oil), instantly relieving discomfort and irritation. 

Finally, these two lovelies give the final touch for curly hair. The Reshaping Shine Butter is a versatile formula which can be used to smooth, soften and reshape styles. It contains lightweight, coconut oil which gives a light, natural shine. The Laydown Lacquer, meanwhile, controls unruly strands and escaping locks from braids. The moisturising butter texture keeps braids intact for longer while adding a touch of shine.

*This review is based on press samples

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