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Keeping it simple: the new Curél range of skincare straight out of Japan

by angelinavc

It’s been an underground favourite of beauty insiders for years, with editors and fans stocking up every time they’ve touched down in Japan. And now, the good news is that Curél – a hardworking collection of skincare aimed at sensitive skin – has just launched in the UK in Boots.

Its USP is its Ceramide Care System, which in short works to restore dry, yet sensitive skin, drenching it with moisture, and giving a luminous glow.

Here comes the science bit: Ceramides are natural lipids which form the skin’s protective barrier and a lack of these causes skin to be dry, sensitive and vulnerable to outside aggravations. However, natural ceramides can be tricky to stabilise in skincare and are rarely included in high enough levels to make a difference to skin health. With over 30 years of research and development, Curél was one of the early pioneers of ceramide-based skincare – developing a unique ceramide technology, which is scientifically proven to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and increase hydration. Unlike other common moisturising ingredients, ceramides in skincare not only increase the skin’s moisture levels, but actually help to strengthen the skin’s barrier – helping to prevent dryness and sensitivity in the first place. 

With mild formulas, designed to provide relief to dry, irritable skin, the range has the kudos and science of a dermatological range blended with the cool factor of a cult brand. I’ve been double-cleansing my heart out with the Makeup Cleansing Gel (£12.50), followed by the Foaming Facial Wash (£12.50) and my skin has never felt better.

The Makeup Cleansing Gel contains liquorish root extract, and has a silky formula that dissolves makeup quickly and efficiently. You apply it over the face to remove all traces of make-up, you can use fingers, or apply with an eco-friendly re-usable cotton pad, and then rinse off. It seems to work deep down and gets rid of make-up super speedily. I have then been following up with the Foaming Facial Wash, which foams up and washes away debris without stripping so skin feels supple and soft.

If you are into double cleansing, then you might also want to embrace double moisturising – another skincare import from Japan, with millions of Japanese women using a pre-moisturiser as a part of their daily facial routine. The Moisture Facial Lotion Enrich (£17.50) is a good starting point. The soothing liquid instantly hydrates and preps skin to absorb either the Moisture Milk or Moisture Cream (depending on how dry your skin is).

The Moisture Facial Milk (£17.50) suits normal to dry skin types, and has a soothing milky texture. It rapidly sinks in and moisturises, and uses eucalyptus leaf extract and squalene, which is known as an oil-balancing skincare superhero. to leave the complexion radiant.

The Intensive Moisture Facial Cream (£19.50) is my favourite and is better suited for dry skins. It is velvety-smooth and has a whipped consistency yet feels lightweight on the skin and not at all greasy. It goes on like a dream, to leave skin moisturised and prepped for the day ahead.

Finally, the finishing touch comes with the Intensive Moisture Eye Zone Essence (£22.50), which gives a boost to the eye area. It has anti-ageing benefits to help visibly reduce fine lines while nourishing the delicate skin.

*This review is based on press samples

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