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The power of pomegranate: Beuti’s sleep kit for getting your glow back

by angelinavc

This potent double-act has become my late-night best friend. Beuti Skincare is one of those cult products: if you know, you know... all about it. Its secret is that it harnesses the goodness of a range of natural ingredients, but especially pomegranate, and its most recent launch the Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser, £55, showcases the power of fermented pomegranate to transform it into a gentle glycolic acid so it rejuvenates skin as it cleanses.

More like a super-cleanser in a bottle, the rose-tinted product also contains sweet cherry, almond oil, orange peel, honey and mango seed oil, as well as rose clay. Sigh. It sounds good enough to eat, right? It’s just as good for your skin as it would be to digest it! Just gently apply it in tiny circles, massaging in on wet skin, and it transforms into a milky texture to whip away dirt and debris. Rinse off and its transformative powers would have worked (you can also leave it on for longer for a deeper treatment). It’s a multi-tasking wonder with the natural ingredients working together to cleanse and exfoliate and it also contains babassu oil for a deep moisturise and a burst of Vitamin E. Finally, the cocktail of goodies also contains laurel, myrtle and iris (a three flower essence) which gives brighter, tighter and smoother skin. It really is kind to the skin and works to rid the surface of dead skin and to nourish for a two-in-one power lift.

This is one of my all-time favourite finds of late, as it just feels so nourishing on the skin. It is 100% natural and so is suited to sensitive types, and is a great all-rounder – tightening, smoothing, exfoliating and moisturising your skin – (what more do you want from a cleanser?) In short, it’s a touch of TLC at the end of the day.

I’ve been using it last thing at night and following up with the brand’s hero product The Beauty Sleep Elixir, £47, before I go to sleep. (Apparently this cult product is also found on the bathroom shelves of  Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Rita Ora, Emma Watson and Iggy Azalea – so you are in good company if you add this to your routine).

A tiny drop goes a long way and while you can use 1-2 drops under your make-up as a glow-getter for the day, I prefer to use 2-3 drops as an overnight complexion booster. It uses a natural blend of 14 plant-based oils, including a Caribbean coral extract, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory as it neutralises the enzyme responsible for skin ageing, plus a sandalwood nut kernel oil to help prevent collagen and elastin break down. Just gently press the oil into your skin with a light massage, and your work is done.

This natural blend is also combined with camellia oil, chia seed oil, bitter cherry seed oil, strawberry seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, blueberry seed oil, cranberry seed oil, raspberry seed oil, seabuckthorn fruit berry oil, sandalwood oil, lavender herb oil, geranium flower oil, neroli flower oil and capric trglyceride from coconut. It’s like a veritable wild-flower field of goodies – and exotic cocktail of loveliness – and feels such a treat to use. What’s more, you wake up looking fresh, radiant and rested.

“The idea behind the science of using these specific ingredients is to tackle ‘inflammaging’,” says Beuti founder Leila Aalam. “This is a condition where your skin ages due to inflammation over a period of time. This can be caused by everyday exposure to sun and pollution, over exfoliation or simply using the wrong skin products for your skin. This breaks down the barrier function of the skin, causing the onset of ‘inflammaging’ and visible skin aging. It is important we renew and repair the skin by using organic oils which can help to reverse the damage.” Basically, it’s like a bottle of nutrition for the skin – made in the UK.

*This review is based on press samples

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