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Honey, Honey: Melora’s Manuka makes life sweet

by angelinavc

Drenching the skin in a moisture-rich formula, while cleansing, this new Manuka Honey Body Wash, £5.99, softens skin as it cleans. Replenishing the skin, rather than stripping it, skin feels soft and hydrated after your shower.

The products from Melora – a New Zealand brand which is pioneering in the use of Manuka honey in health and beauty products – harness the natural power of New Zealand’s native manuka tree.

Now available in the UK, the Melora products contain the highest quality honey, with it being ethically harvested. The Body Lotion, £6.99, uses a combination of softening extracts and botanical oils, to nourish and add a natural glow to skin.

The range is also formulated with a blend of organic aloe vera juice, rich botanical oils along with natural extracts and softeners that help to enhance Mānuka honey’s natural health benefits. So sweet.

*This review is based on press samples.

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