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Sienna X’s new skincare collection delivers for modern-day concerns

by angelinavc

Sometimes, when it comes to skincare, you just want products that are easy to comprehend, perform fast and effectively and really work.

Better known for its tanning products, Sienna X has launched its answer to what we all need. First off, the Pro Level Skincare is vegan friendly* (*except The Miracle Mask that contains Manuka Honey) and cruelty free. Two big ticks for the modern-day consumer. Its USP is that each product is formulated with a blend of healthy, natural ingredients which contain high performance actives that have been clinically proven. 

Sienna X founder, Nicola Matthews, decided to launch the brand after finding herself being confused when choosing skincare amid a myriad of options on the market. After extensive testing and market research with both consumers and therapists, the new line, with a tightly edited line-up of 11 products, was born. 

Each one contains ‘caring’ ingredients, such as Marine Bamboo and Manuka Honey, as well as anti-pollutants and Bakuchiol (the natural plant-based Retinol). The Chemical Peel, £37, for instance, is a high-strength liquid exfoliator, with 10% Glycolic Acid which effectively exfoliates skin and leaves it smooth, radiant and luminous. It also contains a 5% Fruit Acid blend, Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon, that contain naturally-occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for a dewy, even finish. It’s like a powerhouse peel without having to go to a clinic.

Another hero from the range is The Cleansing Lotion, £20. It has a creamy formula packed with nourishing Coconut Oil to effectively remove makeup, take off the day’s debris and help restore moisture. It’s a versatile product and can be used as a first or double cleanse and is easily removed with a cleansing cloth or cotton wool.

The highly-concentrated Retinol Serum, £36, can be used as your first-step after cleansing the face in the morning. The retinol stimulates collagen production, whilst boosting radiance, so your complexion is left looking luminous and smooth, with a dewy, even tone.

Finally, I’ve also been loving The Clay Mask, £34, which is a detoxifying treatment, perfect to use once a week. The soft formula absorbs excess oil, toxins, impurities and traces of pollution, so skin feels clean, healthy and glowing after it is rinsed off. Ingredients include Chia Seed Extract, Bentonite Clay and Illite Clay to help fight dehydration, skin irritation and banish blemishes. It’s thoroughly modern.

*This review is based on press samples

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