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Power in Pampering: Green People’s kind products will soothe your soul

by angelinavc

Known for its organic, ethical and sustainable products, Green People is a great one-stop shop for those products which will care for and be kind to your skin, hair and body – in times of stress and beyond – as well as the planet.

While we are all ensconced at home at the moment, it is a good time to give hair a break from the straighteners and heated tools. Is anyone suffering with flat and lifeless hair at the moment? I certainly am. Green People’s Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner (£13.50 each) is great for thick and frizzy hair, but also works to add body and condition to hair that needs some extra TLC. The duo uses organic aloe vera, neroli, orange and chamomile to nourish and inject hair with sweet-scented goodness. After shampooing, hair is left squeaky clean and fresh. Afterwards, I have been dousing my hair with conditioner to restore lustre and shine and bring it back to health.

I’ve been leaving my hair to dry naturally, and simply using the shampoo and conditioner seems to be enough to leave it shiny and full of life again. The formulas are SLS-free, silicone-free and gluten-free, and the natural oils also mean that hair is left easy to manage and tangle free.

I also love the subtle scent that is left on the hair from the chamomile, neroli and orange. They are the perfect pick-me-up.

Green People’s Moisturising Shower Gel, £13.50, from the same range, also feels luxurious and pampering, and will help kick-start your day. It cleanses the body, leaving skin soft and nourished. With 78% certified organic ingredients, the body’s natural oils are retained, and limbs are left gently scented with neroli, yucca and marshmallow.

Meanwhile, during a time when hand-washing is essential, Green People’s Quinoa and Calendula Hand Wash, £13, leaves hands soft and conditioned, doing away with dry and chapped patches, which we are all suffering with at the moment. The gentle, pH-balanced formula leaves hands clean and nourished and restored to a youthful appearance.

The liquid soap is rich and unctuous, with superfood quinoa to lock in water to prevent dryness, and antioxidant-rich calendula to help soothe and calm inflamed skin. The formula also uses aloe vera to nurture, giving moisturising properties. Citrus notes and ginger, meanwhile, perfume the hands, which is really nice and uplifting through the day.

To keep hands protected and soft, the Manuka and Lemon Tea Tree Hand Cream, £12.50, has also become my new essential. A tiny bit after each hand wash has done wonders on my hands. I also like the fact that the tea tree oil and manuka give an anti-bacterial formula, while healing dry and chapped skin. The cream also uses shea butter and olive to deeply moisturise.


*This review is based on press samples

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