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Travels of my mind: the beauty brand bringing a destination to your home

by angelinavc

If you are a history buff, you may well have heard of Heinrich Barth (and – just a hint – the German name wouldn’t ordinarily be attached to a shampoo). Better known as one of the greatest German travellers and explorers of the 19th century, Barth is nonetheless the inspiration behind this very cool Italian beauty brand.

The minimalist and pared-back packaging reveals the ethos behind the label. Heinrich Barth’s primary line includes products such as this High Protection Sunscreen – it is fragrance-free, cruelty-free and designed for those travellers who want to feel comfortable in his or her environment without leaving a trace – no pollution trail once you pack up and leave for home. The range is also designed to protect and pamper when you are home or away, and, all of this combined, means that it’s brilliantly ‘of the moment’. Except, of course, none of us can travel at the moment… but we will again. And when we do – this is the sort of product that other well-heeled travellers will eye enviously, wondering if they’ve missed out on a cult brand. And, if they are not slathering on a Barth sunscreen, then they clearly have.

Talking of which, the Sunscreen is wonderfully non-greasy, and is made with specially formulated sun filters to provide a uniform broad spectrum protection from UVA rays. It protects from premature ageing of the skin, and from UVB rays to prevent sunburns. It has a seriously lush texture, more akin to a rich body cream, but yet it sinks in quickly, leaving no residue. It’s so nice that it is tempting to lavish limbs with it.

From sourcing the best ingredients, such as local herbs and flora from around the world, to the confident, chic packaging – the label is one that oozes attitude that says ‘only those in the know will have this in their luggage’.

The Destination line, meanwhile, aims to conjure up the ‘aura’ of desirable places, like Dakar and Mykonos. The Dakar range is scented with tropical vanilla and fruity notes of papaya and mango, while Mykonos plays with hints of wild hers, fig leaves and sage.

The 07 Mykonos Shampoo is also wonderfully nourishing. Hair is left scented with aromas of pure summertime – it’s like you’ve just returned off the beach on an Aegean island. It’s gentle and kind, with botanical extracts to leave hair soft and fragrant. It’s the closest thing to a blast of Greek sunshine.


*This review is based on press samples

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