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Breathe in the best of nature with the new Maison Sybarite water-based fragrances

by angelinavc

I can’t get enough of Spicy Calabria by Maison Sybarite – one of a new generation of water fragrances, created in France by master perfumers. These fragrances have a cult, undiscovered feel and come in beautifully created bottles and packaging.

The brand works to support small, local suppliers and, as a consequence, it has a ‘green’ approach to its production, as it reduces miles ordinarily used in transportation, thus helping alleviate the dependence on fossil fuels, reduce air pollution and cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

Part of its USP is that the perfume house harnesses the natural power of water plant emulsion (oil in water), and uses clean ingredients (pure water, olive oil, vitamin E, natural plant based solvent) for the scientific base, without sacrificing the luxury of the product. The brand is also cruelty free with packaging that is mindfully conceived with a minimalistic approach, recyclable and printed on paper from sustainable forests.

Inspired by Calabria, in southern Italy, and a way of living in this part of the world that historically keeps in harmony with nature, this fragrance is based around bergamot and ginger, with an oud and black pepper heart, with patchouli and cedar. It is dark and spicy, it also has woody feel, while its top notes are fresh and zingy.

Ins short, the fragrance is utterly unique and unlike other mass-produced scents. Multi-layered and complex, it smells fresh but also has subtle powdery notes. The woody notes are not too heavy, but rather are more green and uplifting. It’s one of a kind.

*This review is based on a press sample

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