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Baylis & Harding: From the GOODNESS of our hearts

by angelinavc

How gorgeous is the new Goodness range from Baylis & Harding? Kind for your skin AND the planet is the basic ethos of this sleek new body-care collection. In these uncertain times, I’ve been finding that using this gloriously-scented range also give a tiny ‘positive boost’ to my day – so it’s worth adding a tiny treat to your shop next time you are in Boots (the range is also available from Boots.com). Every time you wash your hands, or indulge in a daily bathing ritual, the naturally-sourced fragrances will not only uplift your senses, but you may also feel happy about the fact that the products are ecologically sound. Big ticks (and smiles) all round.

The collection of pampering treats come in a range of four scents – shown here is the Lemongrass & Ginger variety, which is naturally zingy and uplifting. There’s also calming Sea Kelp & Peppermint, fragrant Rose & Geranium and the aromatic Oud, Cedar & Amber. Described as an “innovative, affordable and sustainably luxurious collection that is kind to skin and kind to the planet”, the range also does well on the aesthetic front, looking sleek and sophisticated next to your bathroom, or kitchen sink, or, indeed, on any bathroom shelf.

Available in the Lemongrass & Ginger collection are body washes, bath soaks, hand washes, bar soaps and hand creams. The plant-based products use organic extracts and essential oils, so they are kind to even sensitive skins. The Body Wash, £4, is so affordable given the size of the bottle and the fact that it feels super luxurious to use. Jump in the shower for an essential oil extravaganza – it also deep cleans and hydrates – leaving skin feeling moisturised and gently scented.

There’s been a return of bar soaps in the beauty world of late – it is widely accepted that they are environmentally better than plastic bottles of hand soap. Those in tune with the trend, will know that the new generation of soap bars are not dehydrating like the old-fashioned kind. Now they lather up like a dream and exude skin pampering properties. This Natural Soap, £2.50, is soft and fragrant, e say to use, and perfect for cleaning hands or for use in the bath or shower. You’ll also feel good about the fact that you are doing your bit for the planet.

I’ve been following up with the equally feel-good Hand Cream. With orange and black pepper, it smells rich and lingers on the hands for hours afterwards. It also drenches the skin with rich moisture, so that dry and sore patches are eliminated and hands are left youthful and glowing.

Talking of benefits to the environment, the bottle packaging of the Goodness range is also 100 per cent post-consumer recyclable. In fact, Baylis & Harding says that, as a brand, it is on a journey to nurture its luxury products to be more sustainable, with future generations in mind. Its 2020 vision includes reducing and removing plastic from secondary packaging, while providing information on products about recycling options.

In these current times, I’ve been over-indulging with the Natural Hand Wash, £4, (as has the rest of the family!), which is packed with holistic goodness, clean formulations and plant-based goodies. It refreshes and cleans, and, importantly, doesn’t dry out the skin – so vital in these essential hand-washing times.

Finally, the Bath Soak, £4, is like the cherry on the cake: the essential addition to an end-of-day, dream-making soak, so you can relax before bedtime. Add a face-mask, douse your hair in conditioner and lie back in the bubbles, which will scent and transport your mind to happy, more exotic places. It’s the epitome of the feel-good factor.


*This review is based on press samples

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