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We hope for those sunny days ahead…

by angelinavc

It might seem like we are stuck in the gloomiest times of our lives right now, but let’s keep our eyes fixed on the light. Nothing lasts forever and one day we can hopefully look back and say: ‘What was that all about?’ During lockdown, we’ve been blessed with some of the finest spring weather, we’ve ever had in this country. Oh, the irony! So next time the sun comes out, make sure you – and the whole family – try and make the most of it, AND are protected against those UV Rays.

Green People’s Scent-Free Sun Creams are my go-to for sun protection. They are brilliant for those with sensitive skin – so anyone prone to heat rashes, eczema, prickly heat and rosacea. Normally, sun-bathing is a nightmare for those that suffer from these conditions, with sun creams just exasperating the conditions.

The Facial Sun Cream, £19, for instance, has a SPF of 30, and uses organic ingredients with the latest in scientific developments, so it is perfect for those who are likely to have flare-ups when the sun comes out. Kind to the skin and with a lovely texture, it sinks in immediately and is non-greasy to use. What’s more, it acts like another layer of skincare with anti-ageing avocado and green tea to protect and maintain collagen and elastin in the skin.

The Scent-Free Sun Lotion, £24, is also suitable for all skin types, and isfree from synthetic fragrance and essential oils. It also uses Titanium Dioxide as part of its UV defence system – acting as a barrier to UVB radiation (another bonus is that this means that it is environmentally safe).

Talking of which, while we may not be able to take off to exotic climes for a while, when we do you will be safe in the knowledge that the range is ocean-friendly. It doesn’t use any of the ingredients now being banned by eco-aware hotspots, like Hawaii and Key West (both have banned Oxybenzone and Octinoxate – UV filters often found in sun protection creams). These chemicals can have a detrimental effect on marine life, damaging the DNA of coral, for instance, and causing hormonal changes in fish.

As well as making eco-safe products, Green People also supports The Marine Conservation Society by donating 20p in every sale of the full-sized sun lotions. There’s always good news stories if you look for them…

*This review uses press samples

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