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Rebalance, restore and recover: Philosophy’s new skincare collection is what we all need right now

by angelinavc

Restoring, rejuvenating, caring and natural – these are all the words – and feelings – we want to hear right now. And for beauty lovers, look no further than Philosophy’s Nature in a Jar range of innovative products, which is based around these principles – and will uplift with its caring approach to beauty.

Boasting vegan formulas and a clean-beauty approach to skincare, the collection is also bursting with natural ingredients as well as some unique textures and innovative products. In-shower oils, cream-to-water formulas and warming exfoliators – they are on the right side of experimental, with the singular products, making you yearn to want to try them out. The idea is that these are kind to the skin, with uplifting properties that feel good and do good.

This super-nourishing In-Shower Oil, for instance, is based around hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil. Don’t worry it’s devoid of any hallucinatory effects – it’s all about the natural highs instead – and it helps to soothe and nourish the skin with added antioxidant benefits. Also included is soybean oil, which is super hydrating and olive fruit oil, rich in fatty acids – so as a combination, this oil has a triple approach to lock in moisture and to hydrate skin fast.

You use it at the end of your shower – when your body is still soaking wet – simply douse the body in the oil, before you dry off, with no rinsing required. Pat dry and you can get dressed immediately, as it leaves no oily residue, just glowing, replenished limbs. You can also add a few drops to warm bath water as a nourishing bath treatment. Quick and easy to use, this is also good for those in a rush as you can splash it on and it does all the hard work for you.

I’ve been alternating the body oil with this Cream-to-Water Body Lotion. For those with super-dry skin, you can use both to give extra hydration. This lotion is perfect for summer months as it is refreshing and light. It uses cactus water and cactus fruit extract, better known as ‘prickly pear fruit’. Historically, prickly pear was used to treat a variety of ailments, due to its antioxidant benefits. This cream melts fast into skin for immediate hydration that lasts all day. Its unique texture means it disappears fast but doesn’t skimp on hydrating dry skin.

This Gentle Warming Exfoliator gets rid of dry patches, minimises pores and leaves skin looking smoother and more radiant. I love the self-warming texture, which gradually heats up as you massage it in. Use it 1-2 times a week and skin will look more refined. With jojoba oil and apricot oil, skin is nourished and ‘pepped up’, while fine grain desert earth provides gentle exfoliation.

I’ve also been using the Nature in a Jar Gentle Detoxifying Cleanser – a refreshing face wash that uses agave-cryo extract, so skin is cleansed and conditioned at the same time.

I love its original whipped texture, which feels super-luxe, and which transforms into a rich, creamy lather. Detoxifying and balancing, my skin improved within a couple of days after using this. Skin is left super-clean, soft and glowing – like a mini detox for the complexion. Naturally good.

*This review is based on press samples

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