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Softly does it: Ashley & Co

by angelinavc

For those lucky enough to have gardens, right now, will probably be making the most of them. I’ve gone crazy with planting, styling and tidying up mine. And, where once I was lusting after new clothes, I’m now spending hours online, searching vintage and salvage accounts on Instagram – to find just the ‘right-side-of-worn-out’ milk urns and subtly rusted tubs to plant my seeds and bulbs in.

As a result of all this mud-mucking-about, not to mention the incessant hand-washing that is also required at the moment, my hands need some extra TLC. Appealing to my gardening instincts – and beauty needs – is sustainable beauty brand, Ashley & Co.

Its Vine & Paisley Intensive Hydrating Hand Cream, £17, not only soothes and hydrates, but it smells like a flower meadow. With vanilla, balsam, sandalwood and oak moss – this goes straight to the heart of my gardening vibe. It’s rich, but not greasy, and douses hands and nails in a lovely, natural cream (it is enriched with shea butter and vitamin E).

“We savour scents and memories informed by the past, but our spirit is anchored firmly in the present, in the richness of our modern lives,” says the brand. “Not beholden to a particular style or trend, we instead hope for an element of timelessness in our range so we can effortlessly be part of others’ lives.”

This ethos can be truly seen in its gorgeous Hand & Body Lotion, £28. There’s a choice of fragrances, but my fave is the Bubbles & Polkadots (who wouldn’t love that name!). It is a deep, musk-floral scent created with rose and amber, bergamot and camomile. This lotion sinks in like a dream and hydrates and nourishes. It is at once modern yet nostalgic and we all need that right now.


*This review is based on press samples

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