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ilā launches its naturally glam take on CBD products

by angelinavc

Just launched from ilā – the luxury, organic spa range – is a new collection of CBD products. With gorgeous packaging – they have gorgeous, green-inky-cloud boxes, emblazoned with gold writing, and stunning, sophisticated black bottles – and formulas that are pampering to use, but also work hard to alleviate ailments – the range is one of the most-top end collections within the CBD sector, the trend of the moment.

The ilā brand is renowned for its ‘clean’ approach to beauty, using the finest organic ingredients, and the brand is often found in some of the most advanced, 5-star spas in the world.

Just like in its existing ranges, ilā has worked to find the purest and most potent ingredient source. Working directly with CBD farmers from West Virginia, the growers have over 20 years’ experience of developing the plant’s qualities. The 100% natural products are ‘full spectrum’, meaning they use the full complement of cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the plant, and also incorporate other plants, herbs and essential oils that similarly work with our endocannabinoid system to enhance the benefits of CBD and work with the true alchemy of nature. 

The CBD Body Calm (£56) is luxurious in texture and sinks into the skin quickly. It helps the skin repair itself naturally, and has an unctuous feel to it. Perfect for those suffering aches and pains, or as an after-sport relief, the balm is packed with CBD (helping to reduce pain and inflammation) as well as essential oils, including Rose Damascene, Petitgrain and Cedarwood, which have been selected for their grounding and warming properties and help to soothe the skin and the nervous system. It smells like a dream, and is equally pampering as it is hard-working.

It also contains St John’s Wort, which works to calm inflamed skin concerns, alleviate nerve pain and may be used for sciatica neuralgia and healing of minor burns. Calendula contains anti-oxidants and is considered to have a powerful anti-viral effect as well as being a powerful astringent. Arnica helps increase circulation by stimulating white blood cell activity and helps to treat bruising. 

So, while it is wonderful body treatment in itself, it also goes a long way to help with various ailments.

ilā founder, Denise Leicester, describes how she extensively researched CBD and its benefits, and says she eventually became enchanted with its healing properties. “Initially my journey with CBD was one of resistance and doubt. This has been replaced by a deep reverence for what I believe is the most intelligent plant on the planet. Cannabidiol – or CBD – is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of the cannabis sativa plant.”

While using CBD as the central ingredient, the products in the new collection have further been paired with other natural ingredients that complement and enhance its therapeutic, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. 

The CBD Gold Face Serum (£60), for instance, is the perfect ‘first step’ in any regime. It hydrates, calms and brightens the skin by addressing redness and boosting natural glow. Made from a powerful cocktail of ingredients which include CBD oil and CDB liposome (which help to reduce pain and inflammation), Argan oil, Moringa oil (rich in moisturising fatty acids), Cactus oil and Jasmine, it also serves as a potent anti-ageing treatment. Press it gently into clean skin every morning, and you will notice the effect in just a few days – skin looks glowing, radiant and youthful.

The CBD Better Day Drops (£48), are to be used under the tongue to help with anxiety and reduce any pain. They contain a premium high dosage CBD Oil, which helps to stimulate nerve responses to reduce pain and inflammation in the skin as well as helping to promote healing and a sense of deep calm. The taste has a hint of vanilla and you simply either put 1-2 drops under the tongue three times a day – keeping them in your mouth for a minute before swallowing. Or mix the drops with water.

All products are vegan. Available at www.ila-spa.com

The range is also debuting at ilā’s newly-opened healing destination in the south of France, Maison ilā with select partner spas to follow.

*This review is based on press samples

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