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Noble Panacea: elevating beauty and the mind

by angelinavc

Noble Panacea. Even the name is impressive. Just like how this cutting-edge beauty brand is multi-layered in complex science and innovative development, so is its name. On the one hand, it may seem oblique. But you soon realise that it gives a nod to its founder Noble Prizewinner Sir Fraser Stoddart. On the other, it has a deeper significance, referencing academic connotations (Panacea is the Greek goddess of universal remedies) so that you know this is not your average, off-the-shelf cosmetic company.

And that is very true. I could start with the incredible science behind the newly-launched brand, courtesy of Sir Fraser’s research. Or the sheer level of detailing that goes into making the products – each is crafted in small batches taking a minimum of three weeks to produce. But, instead, I want to point out the sheer feeling of sophisticated luxury that this brand has. Even its ambassador Killing Eve actress Jodie Cromer strikes just the right note. After all, first impressions count, right?

The sleek white packaging, the glossy box, the individual sachets – gorgeous to behold and tactile to the touch. This simply feels expensive: (it is, but it has its reasons). It’s a statement for any bathroom shelf and oozes covetable appeal. But it’s not extravagant wastefulness at play here. When it comes to the environmental impact of packaging, thought has been given to how it can be sustainable, with Noble Panacea priding itself on its green credentials.

You might have noticed a trend afoot of late, with new labels bringing out single-use doses for their products (I’ve reviewed two new brands in a matter of weeks). This is the way forward for innovative beauty houses right now. Not only do these ‘doses’ preserve the ingredients’ potency, protecting from contamination, but they also provide the precise amount of product necessary for optimal results – meaning less wastage right along the supply chain. But what about the actual packaging used on a daily basis? They may be feel inconsequential to the planet, but each time we use one – daily? – are we not simply contributing to more unnecessary waste?

The answer lies in the fact that the company adheres to a ’12 Principles of Green Chemistry’, committing to sustainability at each stage in the manufacturing process, and ensuring the Active Daily Doses are nationally recyclable through a partnership with TerraCycle. Big tick. Noble Panacea also uses innovative packaging for its outer boxes, which are starch-based, to lessen environmental impact.

The brand also has a Responsible Beauty Commitment which goes to the heart of the formulas. It uses natural ingredients, with 78 plant extracts in its formulas and no nasties (such as paragons, silicones, synthetic fragrances etc). Its production processes are also green, with sustainable sourcing and it is cruelty-free. And it has a philanthropic arm – partnering with Girl Up to focus on empowering girls’ development through education.

Now for the science. The brand has two core premium skincare collections:  The Brilliant Collection for skin radiance and The Absolute Collection for skin renewal. Both are based around the ambitious research of Sir Fraser Stoddart, currently the Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University. Sir Fraser was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his lifework studying molecular motion and it is this that is the basis for the skincare collections.

Noble Panacea applies his revolutionary organic molecular technology which is rooted in the principles of his Nobel Prize-winning research. The result is a range of skincare products that deliver unparalleled efficacy due to the release of potent active ingredients into the patented Organic Molecular Vessels™.

The in-house production of the OMVs™ ensures pharmaceutical-grade purity. This purity, coupled with the precise selection and encapsulation of active ingredients, delivers superior results without any unnecessary additives or irritants. 

What does this mean to you and me? You will have access to powerful, highly-active formulas which are delivered deep and precisely into the skin cells – like no other brand can do – due to this unique research and scientific capability. Products also have an ‘extended release’ mechanism, so that the dosage works continually (not just on application) so that you get the benefits slowly and when you need it.

I’ve been trialling the Rejuvenation Night Balm, £356. This is like a magic potion for the skin. You go to bed looking tired, and you wake up a new woman! With 67 active ingredients, it works to restore and counteract the visible signs of ageing. How does it do it? It firstly provides deep exfoliation which helps cellular renewal. It then boosts collagen production for visibly reduced lines and wrinkles. While you sleep, the skin is ‘repaired’ to eradicated existing signs of aging, while preventing future degeneration of the skin. In short, you go to sleep and it goes to work with its three-step plan: Exfoliate, Replenish, Hydrate.

It is packed with natural ingredients, among them are Red Seaweed Extract, which maintains cellular skin longevity – youthfulness from the sea. It also uses Teprenone, a cellular activation molecule responsible for telomere stabilization. What does that actually mean? Quite simply it delays skin ageing. And we all want that.

Retinol and Peptides work together to boost collagen synthesis, which plumps skin and smooths lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and texture. Collagen production is also boosted, which in turn stimulates the repair, and renewal mechanisms of the skin. So skin looks cushioned, smooth and youthful. It really is the dream.

Lastly, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, such as glycolic and lactic acids, exfoliate away dead skin cells so pores are reduced and smoother skin is revealed, for a fresh, luminous complexion.

“Ultimately, we strive to promote absolute skin health by empowering all who seek authentic, natural, and ageless beauty,” says Noble Panacea. A noble sentiment we can all buy into.


*This review is based on a press sample

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