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Nereus London: it’s the do-good, feel-good factor

by angelinavc

I’ve totally ramped up my morning ritual with this uplifting Madagascan Pink Pepper Body Wash, £25, from new sustainable beauty brand Nereus London.

Recreating an aromatherapeutic spa experience in your bathroom, the luxury wash fills your senses with the enticing scent – spicy pink pepper blended with fresh ginger essential oils (made with 100% natural fragrances).

It’s nothing short of intoxicating – bringing positive vibes all the way. What’s more, the rich texture is also deeply moisturising, so that skin feels soft and velvety-smooth afterwards. Turns out, that the body washes are formulated with a blend of amino acids, specially blended to hydrate the skin and boost hyaluronic acid production. Not just a pretty face.

While the washes undoubtedly feel good, Nereus London’s ethos also does good. Sustainable at its heart, all the ingredients are ethically-sourced and are 100% natural and organic. Meanwhile, formulas are paraben-free, sulphate-fee, silicone-free and gluten-free and suitable for vegan use. As well as a range of body-care products, the brand also offers hair-care products and delves deep across the collection to honour the ‘conscious’ approach found at its core.

The deluxe packaging, for instance, is plastic-free with the products found in chic aluminium, 100% BPA-free bottles, which are recyclable. Over time, the specially designed wood pulp labels will also decompose, helping to ease the recycling process. In fact, Nereus uses less than 1% plastic in its entire supply chain.

Founded by James Inglesby and Diana Ziegler, the brand was born out of a need for genuinely sustainable luxury beauty products. “The Nereus London range came to fruition when we realised just how harmful other ‘black plastic bottles’ products were to the environment,” says James. “Many people assume that black plastic bottles, containers and plastic jars are recyclable, but this is rarely the case. We had also become frustrated when trying to find natural products that actually worked and delivered a decent fragrance. Surely there must be products out there that can be luxurious and sustainable? Not until now, that is.”

The company has also formed a partnership with Plastic Bank, a social enterprise working to create a circular plastic economy and aiding countries hit by the plastic crisis. What’s more, for every Nereus product purchased, 1kg of ocean-bound plastic will be recovered from the areas worst affected by the plastic crisis.

It’s good. Really good.


*This review is based on a press sample

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