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Spritz it on: women can’t help acting on Impulse’s new body mists

by angelinavc

I remember a time when no girl would be without a line-up of Impulse cans adorning her dressing table, not to mention having a couple of sprays thrown in her PE bag for good measure, too. But I’m probably showing my age!

This was back in the days when Impulse sprays were a totally new concept – and there was nothing much else to compare on the market – so they were instantly covetable. Most girls collected the whole range. This was also back in the days when the brand’s tagline was “Men just can’t help acting on Impulse” (see above – well, it was the 80s!) But, frankly, we took no notice of that.

Pretty, colourful designs and the variety of scents captured our imaginations. The allure of the mysterious names also played a big part in which ones we chose, I’m sure. Elation? Electric Musk? or Temptation?. Tres LA felt wonderfully exotic, while Night Rhythms was for strictly after dark. In short, the concept of an affordable, fragranced body spray was a novel one. They were not perfumes, so not out of reach for the many, but yet a quick spritz of a floral bouquet had the same effect as if you were spraying on Dior’s latest (sort of!). As for the sexist advertising? This was par for the course back then, but, of course, frankly, we didn’t give a jot about whether men were trailing in out midst or not.

Those days are long gone now, of course, and the beauty industry is a million times more sophisticated, with a seemingly unstoppable array of products to choose from. But I was intrigued to hear about the brand’s latest launch, and also impressed as to how it has managed to continue to reimagine itself as the ‘handbag essential’ for new generations.

Available from Superdrug are the new Impulse Body Mist scents. There are nine varieties in the collection but I trialled the Crystal Waterfalls + Lotus Lilies and Shooting Stars + Wild Orchids, £6 each.

These are watery scents – so not too heavy and perfect for refreshing through the day. Crystal Waterfalls + Lotus Lilies is my fave. Aquatic notes are infused with subtle hints of green notes and it gives a nod to its exotic inspiration – of a ‘waterfall paradise with crystal clear waters, surrounded by blooming lotus blossoms’. It’s so moorish, you’ll end up reaching for it through the day.

Slightly sweeter is the Shooting Stars + Wild Orchids spritz. This has bergamot mixed with sun-drenched raspberry – so is floral but with a light citrus twist. Violet, orris and hints of orchid give deeper notes, ideal for the evening.

Which one will you choose?

*This review is based on press samples

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