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Nordic Roots: Purity, simplicity and functionality. It’s what we all need right now.

by angelinavc

If you’ve dabbled in Nordic beauty lines already (Skyn Iceland? Sachajuan? Maria Nila? Kerstin Florian? to name but a few) – you’ll know just what the appeal is. So, I was excited to hear more about Green People’s latest launch – Nordic Roots.

The natural and organic skin-care collection celebrates the Danish upbringing, and Nordic heritage, of the company’s founder Charlotte Vøhtz. It captures the essence (literally) of Scandinavian native flora and fauna, and the products combine a pure and clean ethos with active ingredients sourced from across the region.

Staying true to Scandi values of simplicity and honesty, this scent-free, gender-neutral range focuses on pure, clean and functional skincare. It’s no nonsense but deeply appealing. As well as its organic, kind-to-the-skin ingredients, the collection also pays attention to its global impact by using an innovative, sustainable outer packaging solution called Storch, made of 25% grass. This renewable, raw material requires significantly less water and energy during production. Compared with primary pulp which uses valuable wood fibres and energy-intensive processes, grass-based packaging technology uses only one-third of CO2 equivalents. Storch is compostable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

First of all, is the Hyaluronic Booster Serum, £27, which is based around hop flowers (to target age spots), squalane (to restore suppleness) and glycerine (for hydration) . It instantly hydrates and plumps the skin, so lines look reduced and skin looks smoother and more even. This just feels good to use. And it is! It is fragrance-free and so is suitable for sensitive skin and those with blemishes. If you are feeling like your skin needs a pep-me-up, following a break-out or if it feels tender, then this is for you.

What’s more, it has been Certified COSMOS Natural by EcoCert, with 100% ingredients of natural origin and 22.8% of the total ingredients from organic farming – so it is good for the planet, too.

The Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil, £28, is a versatile, collagen-boosting oil to boost glowing skin. You gently warm it in the palms of your hands and press it over your face – either to replace the serum stage or as a next-step after using the serum, for extra moisture.

The vitamin E-rich, unscented facial oil locks hydration into the skin. it evens skin tone and uses Atlantic seaweed to boost collagen so that skin is firmer and fine lines are less prominent.

The Apple Complex Moisturiser, £25, is a scent-free, organic moisturiser, which is deeply calming. Infused with plant-based ingredients, such as apple cellular water (to boost elasticity), sugar beets (to protect against moisture loss) and oat kernel extract (to reduce redness), it hydrates and balances.

Finally, is the Cranberry Micellar Foam, £19. This natural face wash dissolves make-up, removes dirt and leaves skin clean and refreshed. It contains antioxidant-rich cranberry extracts and apple cellular water to leave skin refreshed and hydrated. It leaves skin clean and glowing.

Simple, clean and ethical – just what we need right now.

*This review is based on press samples

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