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Time for change: Try these Autumnal treats from Oio Lab to pep-up skin

by angelinavc

Autumn is a time of transition and this year we are going to feel ‘change’ more so, like no other time before. To distract from bigger issues at large in the world today, why not focus on the small things that we can control? It may seem trivial, but by taking some time out to prep and pep-up skin – you can detract the mind for a while. It’s the perfect time of year to do this – and , let’s face it, achieving improved, glowing skin will make you feel in a better state of mind, too.

Break-outs and flare-ups are caused by anxiety and stress, and, who hasn’t experienced that over the past few months? I have, so, I’ve been trying out two Oio Lab’s Facial Oil Treatments which promise to transform skin with their nature-meets-science approach.

Hailing from Poland, this brand has a clean-beauty ethos – which I love – and uses natural, botanical active ingredients and cold-pressed oils, which are fused to create clinically proven skincare to be used day and night. The packaging is also elegantly-funky, with bottles made from violet glass, to preserve the potency of precious ingredients, emblazoned with pops of modern colour seen in the logos and boxes.

Using science to get the very best out of nature, Oio Lab combines organic plant extracts with scientific research and innovative extraction methods to deliver clinically-proven skincare solutions. All the products have a natural base, which is enriched with minimum active ingredients, which are PETA approved, vegan and cruelty-free.

Each morning, I have been using Harmony First, £45. This is an organic Treatment Oil suited to hormonal or acne-prone skin, it works to harmonise, calm and detoxify the skin, featuring a remedial mix of unrefined, 10 organic cold-pressed oils with sense-balancing scents. What does this mean? In reality, it smells divine and sinks in with no greasy after-effect, leaving the skin feeling like it’s just had a tonic.

You simply press it on clean skin as your first step in skincare each morning. The oil restores the skin’s radiance and improves the overall condition. The magic ingredients? it’s a blend of organic seed oils; broccoli, borage, sunflower, wild rose, jojoba and evening primrose with natural sandalwood and neroli aromas. In short, this is a botanical treatment oil – made from real plants – so it feels kind and natural. It regenerates, giving a shot of moisture and improving the skin’s radiance.

To finish the day, I have then been using Sleep Tight, £62, an anti-ageing night treatment oil. This is a potent blend of 5% Retinol H-10, proven to counteract the signs of ageing. Mixed with botanical extracts and organic oils, you massage it on clean skin and it goes to work while you sleep.

Pomegranate seeds and sea-buckthorn berry extracts are blended with cold-pressed cranberry, evening primrose, baobab and Sacha Inchi seed oils.

More than just a moisturiser, the treatment helps the skin to regenerate as you sleep, helping to tighten the skin, counteract the signs of ageing and enhance a healthy skin tone. It’s at least one small thing we don’t have to worry about right now.

Oio Lab products are available at wolfandbadger.com

*This review is based on press samples

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