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It’s a Christmas clean-up with sustainable beauty at Holland & Barrett

by angelinavc

For those starting to think ahead to Christmas shopping, and are looking for a one-stop shop for easy-peasy gift ideas, then look no further than Holland & Barrett. Today, the unsung hero of the UK high street launches its new beauty boxes – so good you’ll not want to leave them under the tree for anyone else. So good for the environment, you’ll never look at another non-sustainable brand again.

I was invited to the preview launch of the beauty collections and was able to review some of the gorgeous products in the Clean Beauty box. This retails for £60 and contains a fantastic line-up of products. As expected perhaps from the UK’s leading health shop, sustainability is key throughout the whole Christmas range, with the brand having a long history of eco awareness (did you know it was the first high street shop to ban plastic bags back in 2010, when everyone else was still oblivious…?)

Clean beauty, sustainability, zero waste and water-less products are all key elements of the Christmas gifts, with all plastic packaging eliminated on the outer packages. So they not only feel good, but do good, too. The idea, says, the company, is that these gifts have been put together for people to be happy to receive them, without the usual wasteful elements gifts can sometimes have. So, nothing is superfluous or wasteful, and every element of the boxes has been carefully considered. The result is that it means that products won’t end up in the bin or landfill (which is what happens to many ‘filler’ products at Christmas-time).

The Clean Beauty box, therefore, contains a Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub – perfect for buffing away impurities and dry skin, leaving the complexion toned and glowing. It contains a blend of natural and organic ingredients and has micro-particles of volcanic lava, corn cob powder and ground fruit seed to slough off excess oil and dead skin. The deep cleanser nourishes and leaves skin radiant.

The Sukin Rosehip Cream Cleanser can be used alone or with the scrub for a double cleanse. It removes makeup, oil and dirt with its sweet-scented blend of rosehip and borage oils and quandong extract, to nourish and hydrate, while an infusion of shea butter, evening primrose oil and camelia oil work rejuvenates tired skin. It really elevates the process of cleansing to something more pampering than merely practical.

Also in the box is a Fushi Lip Botanicals Rescue, a vegan lip balm that soothes dry lips and is made with with muru muru butter and neem. The baby-pink formula sinks in like a dream and also contains the antiviral Alpine rose – perfect for mistletoe moments.

The Vitaskin Vitamin C Anti-Pollution Glow Day Cream is another natural skincare gem. The anti-pollution day cream is packed with the highest levels of vitamin C and omega oils to give your skin a layer of hydration, preventing pollutants penetrating your pores and keeping your skin looking soft and healthy throughout the day.

Naturtint’s 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner Bar, meanwhile, is an eco way to wash and rejuvenate hair. Colour protecting, it contains natural origin ingredients that cleans, hydrates and conditions coloured hair. Using a naturally derived and powerful base with coconut, cocoa butter and meadowfoam seed oil, the bar gently cleanses the hair and hydrates the scalp with a creamy and luxurious foam. (If you thought the new trend for bar shampoos and beauty products were drying, hard to use or non-foaming, think again, for this feels really luxurious and not a step-down from your usual liquid shampoos.)

My products arrived in this gorgeous hessian, personalised santa-sack, but when purchased, the actual box they come in is eco-friendly – in line with Holland & Barrett’s sustainable ethos. All five boxes and their outer packaging are, in fact, made from cardboard, making them 100% recyclable. (The Clean Beauty box also contains a Q&A Caffeine Eye Serum and So Eco Gentle Facial Buffer, not seen here.)

Whether you’re shopping for a cruelty-free beauty enthusiastic, premium skincare lover or sustainable stocking fillers, Holland & Barrett has a variety of boxes to suit. As well as the Clean Beauty collection, there are also Premium Beauty, Active, Vegan and Sleep boxes available

Joanne Cooke, Beauty Trading director at Holland & Barrett, comments on the new sustainable launch: “This year, we wanted to offer all our customers a selection of beauty boxes that can be enjoyed at Christmas, ranging from premium clean beauty picks to the newest vegan must-haves.

“These act as the latest in a long line of exciting and innovative beauty launches, that align with our overarching clean and conscious beauty ethos. When you shop with us, either for an all-round more sustainable Christmas experience, or as a regularly shopper for any of our stand-alone brands, you’ll find products that are zero waste, recyclable, refillable, waterless & palm-oil free.

“You also won’t find parabens, SLS or micro plastics in any of the products that we sell, because there should be no compromise on the products you put on your skin, hair, face or body.

“We’re delighted to be offering all five boxes at a discounted price for a limited period of time. We understand that the current climate has had an impact on all our pockets, and so we’re dedicated to showcasing that you can find beauty products that are good for you, good for the planet, and don’t cost the earth.

“All of the products in the new beauty boxes are environmentally friendly and comply with our beauty ethos.”


*This review is based on press samples

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