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On your marks, get Aldi: check out the new CBD beauty drop out this week from Lacura

by angelinavc

You might be familiar with Aldi‘s middle-aisle bargains, but did you also know about its brilliant skincare range? It’s worth checking Lacura out – for the supermarket’s collection of skincare and beauty products offers premium-style formulas but at a fraction of the price of its competitors. (It’s the best-kept secret among beauty editors.)

As well as the latest scientific know-how, the brand also keeps abreast of the latest wellness trends – with its recent launch based around CBD and Hemp ingredients (surely the magic names on every beauty buff’s lips this year?) Available in stores from the 5 November, and online now, the new Lacura range includes a CBD Facial Soothing Concentrate Serum (£4.99), Hemp Body Butter (£4.99) and Hemp Hand Cream (£1.49). (Just look at those prices!)

The serum feels super-luxe and premium and is enriched with the 2020 buzz ingredient on everyone’s lips (and face!) – the natural Cannabis Stavia Seed Oil. It goes on smoothly and instantly lifts with the ingredient helping to hydrate and calm skin. It also contains Oregano Oil, and the natural essence helps to visibly reduce redness, leaving skin feeling and looking hydrated and protected. Used as a first-step in your routine, skin is lifted and left velvety smooth without any signs of tiredness or ageing.

From the same family as Cannabis Sativa Oil, the trend for hemp-based beauty also shows no sign of slowing down. And Aldi is first in-line with its Lacura Hemp Body Butter (£4.99). Rich and intensive, this is a real treat to use. Slather it on after your shower and the silky formula melts into your skin, leaving limbs soft and hydrated. The other benefit to hemp-based products is that they work as a natural relaxant, helping to relieve stress and anxiety (just the thing for us all this year!)

Lastly, with all the hand washing going on, we all need a decent hand cream to use. Look no further than Lacura’s Hemp Hand Cream (£1.49), enriched with hemp seed oil to help preserve and nourish the skin, and offering up to 48-hour moisture. It helps in giving hands a soft and silky feeling, leaving them lightly scented and free from chapped patches. Perfect for peace of mind.

*This review is based on press samples

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