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Sole food: Step this way for pampered feet with Flexitol

by angelinavc

I am a sucker for a good foot cream. And, having tried quite a few over the years, I can safely say that most do not work!

Peppermint lotions, softening creams scented with marshmallows and potions, which promise wonders, may smell nice and sound inviting, but I have found that the only creams that actually keep the dreaded dry skin, and thickening of the heel, at bay, are ones which contain urea (a moisturising agent found naturally in the body). Not glamorous, maybe, but it’s true! No matter how nice they are packaged, smell or appear, most beauty creams just don’t do the job. In the absence of my usual pedicures (due to lockdown), during which hard skin is actually removed (yay!), I have tried a variety of different creams – and I always return, time and time again to Flexitol (it’s absolutely true!)

I apply the brand’s daily foot cream every day, after my shower. It keeps things in check and feet remain smooth and soft. Even so, when I heard about Flexitol‘s new launch – an Intense Overnight Foot Cream, £6.99, which goes to work while you sleep and promises marvellous results – I had my hand up like a shot.

The brand kindly invited me to trial it, and then spoilt me with a surprise pamper box to emphasise how to use the cream as part of my bedtime ritual. A midnight-blue velvet, hexagonal box (swoon) arrived, filled with gorgeous cashmere socks, a velvet eye mask from Oliver Bonas and a Stoneglow scented mist diffuser (I have been after one of these for a while – result!).

First, I set up the Stoneglow Diffuser, next to my bed. It came with three different natural oils. Will I go for Orris & Ylang Ylang, Green Tea & Cedar or Sea Salt & Oakmoss? You can even blend a few drops of each. As the aromas gently filled my bedroom, I then turned to the star attraction – Flexitol’s Overnight foot Cream.

Slather it on heels and any dry, hard or rough skin on the feet. It soaks in like a dream and really feels rich and unctuous. With 30% urea it deeply hydrates and when left on overnight, it tackles any hard and dry skin, giving visible results by morning.

You can incorporate it into a new evening ritual. Try putting chill-out music on as you apply and a diffuser scenting the room. Wear soft, cashmere socks to cocoon and lock in moisture, and a velvet eye mask to get a great night’s sleep. It’s a little drop of magic.

Flexitol Intense Overnight Foot Cream is available at boots.com

*This review is based on a press sample

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