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Mindful and body benefits of Mauli’s Auyvedic products

by angelinavc

If you haven’t discovered Mauli Rituals yet, then you are missing a treat. The brand has its roots in Indian wellbeing, rooted in Ayurvedic practices, and natural ingredients. Launched by husband and wife team – Brits of Indian origin, Anita and Bittu Kaushal – the products are gorgeous – beautifully packaged, luxurious to use and deeply pampering.

Authentic know-how is the backbone of the business: the couple had successful careers in creative consulting and skincare distribution, respectively, until a life changing event led them on a pilgrimage to their motherland. It was here they re-discovered the healing power of India’s natural herbs and holistic traditions. So fascinated were the couple by the Vedic scriptures that Anita went onto study Ayurvedic health and nutrition and Bittu furthered his knowledge under the guidance of his father; an Ayurvedic doctor. The result was Mauli Rituals and a lauded, award-winning collection of eco-luxe products.

I recently had an Ayurvedic consultation, by a leading doctor at Ananda in the Himalayas, a retreat renowned for its focus on the disciplines of this age-old practice. The spa is currently offering a retreat experience at home – called Wellness Bliss – and is collaborating with Mauli Rituals as part of this offering.

After being diagnosed as Pitta dominant (Ayurveda is based around the three doshas, Pitta, Vata and Kapha, which should be aligned), it was suggested that I try Mauli Ritual’s Serenity Pitta Body Oil, the Supreme Skin Serum and organic Ashwagandha booster supplement powder to help keep things in balance.

Pitta signifies fire and water and Pitta-dominant personalities are often said to be passionate and ambitious (no comment!) The holistic collections available at Mauli Rituals have been devised to suit the different doshas, with the Serenity Pitta Body Oil, £47, aiming to balance the Pitta energies. Use as a massage and hydrating oil, it helps to pacify, soothing inflamed skin and strengthening joints. It is a gorgeous cooling blend and smells like a dream. It is crafted with therapeutic oils of bergamot, lavender, lime, spearmint, sandalwood and rose absolute in a base of healing evening primrose, sweet almond and jojoba. These help eliminate toxins, balance digestion, calm inflamed, sensitive skin and pacify a fiery mood and nervous tension – all the things to help a Pitta personality.

The anti-ageing Supreme Skin Serum, £67, meanwhile, is another joy to use. I have been using it first thing every morning and it helps skin to repair, leaving it soft and radiant. It contains 16 skin-loving botanicals for a petal-soft complexion that glows with vitality. It feels unctuous to the touch, and is gently scented with rose otto and rose absolute. Brightening lime and sweet blood orange are blended with softening jasmine sambac and champaca, soothing Mysore sandalwood and Himalayan cedarwood. The serum’s base also has rejuvenating moringa, argan and black seed, clarifying watermelon seed and glow-inducing calendula. It’s like a cocktail of goodness for your skin, transporting the senses to an India rooted in health, wellbeing and wisdom.

The Ashwagandha powder, £32, is an all-natural, 100% organic, wild-harvested ashwagandha, often prescribed in Ayurveda to help the body to naturally alleviate stressors, boost immunity, balance blood sugar levels and calm the mind. I’ve been sprinkling a teaspoon in a smoothie each day, but you can also add to cereals, juices or porridge. Taken at night in warm milk, it will aid sleep, diminish stress and help the production of collagen. It’s like the perfect anti-anxiety tool for our modern times.


*This review is based on press samples

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