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Have you ever used a cold cream? The Seated Queen reveals why it is bringing back the glamour of this iconic essential

by angelinavc

Call to mind a cold cream, and it might bring connotations of a product more usually found on your grandmother’s dressing table. First invented by Pond’s back in 1846 as a medical cream to ease cuts and bruises, the company eventually evolved it to become Pond’s Cold Cream, which, in turn, became a must-have beauty product, from the turn of the century through to the 50s and 60s.

With new technologies and advancements in skincare, the original cold cream – loved because it had a dual functionality and could be used as a cleanser and moisturiser – fell out of favour. Now, that is set to change, with new, hip brand The Seated Queen, launching a version for the modern-day user – ensuring that this firm-favourite will no doubt take pride of place in our beauty cupboards again.

Created using single-source, traceable ingredients, The Seated Queen Cold Cream, £39, is a vegan, three-in-one formula which works as a moisturising-cleansing cream, and can be used in a multitude of ways: as a make-up remover and cleanser, a hydrating cream and an overnight treatment.

I love the simplicity of the product. There are so many different products on the market nowadays, that it is easy to become confused about what is the right thing to use. And it is even easier for skin to become ‘over exposed’ with harsh, clashing products. The ethos is reflected in the gorgeous, sustainably-sourced monochrome packaging. Thick cardboard, naive printed icons – which have an olde-world feel about them – and a timeless typeface tie the whole brand together.

TSQ feels calming and holistic to use. It is rich and nurturing to the touch, and smells like a dream, as it is packed with natural ingredients and essential oils – think: lavender, rose otto, frankincense, bergamot, chamomile and clary sage. In fact, it has been made to help your dreams, and is the ultimate night-time product to use on your skin, as the blend of scents work to calm flare-ups and also ease the mind.

As a cleanser, you massage a thin covering on to the face. You then whip off make-up and impurities with a hot, damp cloth – skin is left super-clean and glowing. You can also use it as a 10-minute facial or night mask, by applying it to damp, cleansed skin and leaving it on for a period of time, or overnight. It feels pampering and reviving, with the aroma having the power to transport you to a scented, wild flower meadow.

Here, I talk to the founders of The Seated Queen, Libby and Josephine Banks about their inspiration.

What makes TSQ a modern take on the cold cream classic?

“Cold cream has a certain old-school glamour – whether its 1930s Hollywood or chic Parisiens. Traditionally, cold creams are an emulsion of high concentrations of mineral oil and waxes in water. We’ve switched the mineral oil, borax and waxes – which tend to sit on the skin and can clog pores — for a high concentration of lightweight organic oils that can more easily penetrate the skin.

“This includes cold-pressed organic rosehip seed, argan, sunflower seed and borage seed oils. These nourishing ingredients create an unctuous, cool-to-the-touch cream that is soothing and anti-inflammatory, and rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, trans-retinoic acid and essential fatty acids including GLA and Linolenic Acid. The result is a Vegan-accredited cleansing cream perfect for dehydrated skin that plumps, smooths and strengthens.”         

What was particularly challenging in achieving this?

It took about 18 months of development to get the texture, performance, functionality and scent to the exact standard we wanted, and to source the right ingredients. A sustainable approach runs through everything we do – in 2020 we believe there are no excuses!

Our ingredients are obtained from sustainable, traceable producers, including women’s co-operatives in Ghana and Morocco. Every element of packaging is recycled and, where possible, created from recycled materials. In fact one of the biggest challenges was finding a lid that is recyclable!

What makes your cold cream unique?

We decided to focus on creating cold cream because of its in-built versatility. In the era of complex skincare routines, we felt there is a need to create high-performance skincare, made with the best ingredients, that is quick and easy to use. Our formulation has been carefully developed so that it can be used as a makeup remover and cleanser, quick 10-minute facial and nourishing overnight mask.

The idea is that it slots into your evening routine – however much time you can spare – to create a meditative moment. It was important for us to create a product that prepares body and mind for sleep, so we developed a calming scent of organic essential oils, including rose otto, patchouli leaf, bergamot, clary sage, chamomile and lavender.

“Using The Seated Queen should always feel joyous, never arduous! The cold cream also comes with a knotted cotton jersey headband to complete the evening routine (and add a little old-school glamour).”


*This review is based on a press sample

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