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Christmas Countdown: How Botanics harnesses the power of nature (and the power of you)

by angelinavc

If – like all of us – you are dreaming of a calm Christmas, then Botanics is your answer – not only to find beautiful gifts for loved ones, but also perhaps you’ll discover a little something for you, too.

Launched some 20 years ago, the iconic Botanics range, available exclusively at Boots, has earmarked itself as one of the UK leaders in holistic beauty. Its ethos is all about using the power of plants in its range of kind products to give a whole host of benefits to your skin. As well as being inspired by its ‘nature’ philosophy, Botanics has also lead the way when it comes to cruelty-free, vegan suitable and eco-friendly products – taking steps to reduce its impact on the environment at each stage of a product’s journey.

This year, the brand has come up with its first thoughtfully-curated, wellbeing gift range – which includes this Peaceful Night Duo, £6. perfect to help calm the mind and prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep. Inside the carton (note: there is no plastic or unnecessary packaging), you’ll find a Botanics Aromatherapy Peaceful Night Pillow Mist, scented with lavender and sweet marjoram, and a linen Eye Mask. Just spritz away on your pillow, put on the soft eye mask, breathe in and you’ll drift off in no time.

The Aromatherapy Oil Trio, £12.50, will no doubt be another popular gift. Containing the Botanics Aromatherapy Fresh Mind Pure Essential Oil Tea Tree; Ultimate Focus Pure Essential Oil Rosemary and a Botanics Aromatherapy Pure Clarity Pure Essential Oil Eucalyptus – the idea is that the oils work in harmony to help refresh, invigorate and uplift your senses. They can be used for inhalation, vaporisation and bathing, by simply adding five drops of oil to water. For massage, you can blend up to five drops of essential oil into 10ml of Botanics Unfragranced Base Massage Oil.

I’ve long championed Tee Tree Oil to combat breakouts and use a few drops in my daily moisturiser. Rosemary is good to clear the mind and uplift, while eucalyptus is great if you are feeling run down, blocked up or have a cold.

My other top pick is this Mindful Calm Massage Kit, £14. It contains a Botanics Aromatherapy Mindful Calm Ylang Ylang and Mandarin Massage Oil and Wooden Massage Tool in a travel-sized wash bag.

Such a lovely gift to encourage someone to take of themselves, this will help unwind and eradicate stress and anxiety and the bag is eminently chic and reusable. Across all the new gift range, the brand has a focus on reducing its impact on the planet – so all unnecessary packaging has been removed, and all the gift containers can be reused, recycled or re-purposed. There’s no nasty plastic and all of the paper or wood used is FSC certified. Finding one of these presents under the tree is the ultimate in a natural feel-good factor.

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