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Christmas Countdown: Baylis & Harding’s gift sets (be warned: you might want to keep them yourself!)

by angelinavc

I love a beauty gift set – let’s face it, they are something you’d never buy for yourself, so it feels incredibly spoiling to find one wrapped up for you to enjoy. The problem with many of them, however, is that they often include ‘filler’ items you just never end up using.

Not so with British beauty brand Baylis & Harding, which puts a good deal of thought into its collections, making sure that all its gift sets are jam-packed with useable and covetable items (with no redundant duds to be found!). Take this Luxury Candle Set, £18, by its new Urban Barn offshoot label, as a case in point. Urban Barn is Baylis & Harding’s lifestyle range, designed for you to create a little ‘me time’ in an otherwise busy world, and this set includes a nice array of products that you would always use on a daily basis.

It has a sleek, modern yet holistic feel – the idea being that you can recreate a spa experience in your own home. There’s a body cleanser and cream wash, for pampering shower and bath time; a body cream and hand cream, both of which moisturise and delicately fragrance the skin; and a pretty, glass votive candle to set the mood and flood your room with an intoxicating aroma. What’s more, all are fragranced with this – a gorgeous lime, basil and mint scent.

The aesthetic feels fresh and contemporary, while the scent is decadently uplifting, yet still shrouds you in a cocooning aroma, so it feels wonderfully luxurious (despite its affordable price tag).

Meanwhile, another great buy – this time for the man in your life – is Baylis & Harding Men’s Citrus Lime and Mint Wash Bag Gift Set, £12. Inside, there’s a line-up of three essentials – hair and body wash, face wash and aftershave balm – ideal for the gym or for travelling – and, again, all eminently useable. The fragrance smells clean and zesty, with lime, bergamot and woody base notes blended to create a refreshing scent.

The trio of products come in a reusable cosmetic bag, which has a netting feature, flashes of lime neon, and cute and quirky dinosaur illustration. ideal for repurposing afterwards.

Finally, is Baylis & Harding’s signature Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Set, £15. It contains three iconic products themed around the uplifting Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit fragrance.

The Body Wash is a decadent skin cleanser, ideal for your morning shower. While the Shower Crème has more of a luxurious feel, refreshing and hydrating at the same time. The Body Lotion sinks in like a dream and drenches skin with moisture, leaving it gently fragranced.

The products are all items you will use as part of your everyday routine, and are also great sizes. Baylis & Harding are experts in delivering interesting collections, it has a multitude of ‘brands’ under its umbrella, and it switches things up each year – in fact, each season – so that there is always something new to discover (without breaking the bank). Whatever appeals to you, the question is – will you be wrapping it up or unwrapping it for yourself?

*This review is based on press samples.

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